The hot sauce in the world—a facial paralysis for 30 minutes

Muhammed Karim, the chef of the restaurant "Bindi" in Lincolnshire, claims to have created the hot sauce in the world. Gravy called "Atomic Kick Ass" can paralyze a person and has a number of other side effects for human health. During its preparation, Mohammed has to wear a gas mask so as not to faint from the strong smell.

According to 34-year-old cook, when You eat the sauce, specially created for the brand of chicken wings, You feel like on Your lips left a hot iron. But only in this sense the herbs will not get off. Possible side effects from the use of the sauce include seizures, facial paralysis and even internal bleeding. To be safe, a restaurant requires dared to try the new to sign a waiver of liability before serving the dish.
"The last guy who decided to taste the sauce for about an hour sweating. He slapped his face, trying to feel something, but it was completely paralyzed, " says Karim. — This is due to the fact that the body gets a strike, which will paralyze the face for half an hour, after which the man cramps".
In the composition of the sauce "Atomic Kick Ass" are the kinds of spicy peppers world, including pepper the Carolina Reaper and the Trinidad Scorpion", and five milliliters of special chili extract. The sauce is so hot that visitors have to wear two pairs of gloves, so as not to get burns to the hands.



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