Not all low fat foods are equally beneficial

Eating fats, we quickly and permanently saturate your body, the feeling of hunger doesn't bother long enough. Products with a minimal amount of fat, which is now trendy, almost saturate — after a short period of time, hunger returns, we are again trying to quench the products containing no fat. And so a few times a day. As a result, those who consume low-fat products, while not counting calories, eat throughout the day a lot more, on average, such a diet leads to increased caloric intake, by approximately 200-300 kcal.

How to choose low-fat products

To avoid errors, carefully study the label of the purchased product. The minimum percentage of fat often coexists with sugar or sugar substitutes, chemical preservatives and fragrances and other unsafe ingredients — what their product is less, the better for our health.

For example, dietary bread can be quite high-calorie foods, they contain powdered milk, salt and a significant amount of simple carbohydrates that do not saturate the body for a long time, so in dietary product more suitable for bread baked from wheat flour from which the body receives essential vitamins and fiber.

It is not necessary to include in your diet products and Breakfast cereal (quick cooking). Yes, fat no, but there are those same simple sugars, flavorings, may also be part and TRANS fats. By eating a healthy diet is better to choose the usual cereals: buckwheat, brown rice, oatmeal and other cooked in water.

Low-fat cottage cheese, oddly enough, can often have the same and even more calories and slightly more fat, be sure to read what is written on the package. The explanation is simple: in low-fat cottage cheese is often added substances that improve the taste of the product. And compare the calories — the energy value of low-fat dairy products is not very different from similar products with a small percentage of fat.

Yogurt should buy only natural, without any additives and savory. If you buy lean meat semi-finished products, read the composition on the packaging, quite often they add TRANS fats, considered the culprits of the increase in the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood. It can also be attributed to margarine and spreads. Of course, when you can choose a more or less low-fat products of natural origin need to buy less fatty. In the diet should be: meat, white meat poultry, veal, beef. As for fish, it is necessary to include in the diet of both fat and lean fish, and seafood.

Use fat

Regular intake of fatty acids, which many in fatty fish — a guarantee of strength and elasticity of blood vessels.Products that have a normal percentage of fat, contain acids that regulate metabolism. Use only low-fat products will lead to disruption of metabolic processes that will ultimately affect the figure — the extra pounds is ensured.

Small fat deposits on the thighs and abdomen in women contribute to the production of hormones that are directly relevant to female attractiveness. So that the fat within reasonable limits is not harmful, but very useful. Eat low fat foods if you want to lose weight, you can, but it is necessary to take responsibility for their choices, not replacing completely the body needs small amounts of fat chemical additives, which in the end will only harm, including for the figure.

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