Treatment of chronic tonsillitis folk remedies


Often cough and have the flu?

Surgical methods of treatment.

As a rule, surgery is prescribed only when the repeatedly conducted conservative treatment did not improve the condition of the tonsils.
Tonsils removed or completely (most often done), or partially. By the way, in recent years developed new methods of surgical treatment: surgical laser (laser economomy or tonsillar-tomiya), the impact on tonsils surgical ultrasound, and the freezing of the tonsils. The last method is used when small tonsils; some doctors before the freeze "voiced" tonsils and even ultrasound. It improves healing of wound surface on the tonsils.
But the operation is the extreme case. To begin to deal with tonsillitis it is necessary to increase the protective forces of the organism, effects on the tonsils of various kind of novocaine blockades, the use of manual therapy to the cervical spine. Observed that patients with chronic tonsillitis and frequent sore throat frequently impaired mobility of the spine.

Good effect gives suctioning the contents of the lacunae of tonsils. With the help of liquid pumps simply remove the pus from the lacunae of tonsils, and at the same time introduced drug solution and simultaneously washed gaps. The medicine is introduced in this way, delayed in the tonsils for a longer time, hence a more pronounced positive effect.
Often from inflammation of the tonsils solved using injection drugs in the tonsils.
And finally, the most popular means of combating tonsillitis — the tonsils lubrication of different solutions. Often apply solution of Lugol, of collargol, propolis tincture oil.

Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment

Often administered: ultrasound, microwave therapy, laser therapy, UHF, UHF, scale-tothermal, ultraviolet irradiation of tonsils, minicamera-Pia, electrophoresis, "Vitafon" (apparatus for), lamp "BIOPTRON", mud therapy, inhalations and others.

The course of treatment of chronic tonsillitis usually consists of 10-12 procedures. During the year, it can be done twice, it's usually early in the fall and spring. Efficiency of treatment increases when treated at the same time all members of the family of the patient. Because tonsillitis is an infectious disease.
If you have no opportunity to undergo treatment from a doctor, do not leave tonsil without treatment. Try to use this option.And spend it twice a year, early fall and spring. After gargling associte pill antiseptic, such as sebidin, exelis, FA ringoet or other such actions that are in your pharmacy. Adult enough to 4 times daily, child 2-3 times, for 1 week.

After taking antiseptic for the mouth you can begin to apply the mixture to dissolve: 2 tbsp. finely shredded carrots + 1 tbsp honey + 5-10-15 (depending on age) drops pharmacy alcohol tincture of propolis + 3-5-8 drops of Lugol's solution or judicaria + 0.5 ml of 5% ascorbic acid solution from the ampoule.
This is for one admission. Need a little spoon to put a small amount on the tongue, pressed to the sky and passivate, then swallow, and so to use the entire portion.
Children dose is reduced by half. Take during the day 2 times, for 2-3 weeks. If you are allergic to bee products or iodide preparations, instead of this mixture can be chewed calamus root (0.5-1 gram at a time), 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks.

Chronic tonsillitis folk medicine.Gargling.
* garlic (2 large, with no green shoots of the garlic clove mash, pour a glass of boiled warm milk, strain and warm rinse);
* vinegar (1 tsp. spoon of Apple cider vinegar to 1 Cup of warm boiled water);
* chistotelom (1 tbsp. spoon celandine herbs per Cup of boiling water, you can hold for 5-10 minutes on a steam bath and defend for half an hour, drain, rinse very warm, closer to hot, solution);
* alcohol tinctures of herbs or ready-made concentrates of herbs (rotokan, elekasol) and others.

The solutions can be alternated among themselves. For example, of the following choose two solutions and alternate them during the day, and so the entire course. But it is possible and differently, for example, one solution is to use 10 days, then 10 days, another 10 more days — third day — 2-3 times and 3-4 weeks in a row.

Other home treatments.

If the house is a lamp "BIOPTRON", it is possible to illuminate the area of the lower jaw at an angle. Children for 6 minutes on each side, adults 8-10 minutes 1-2 times a day, for two weeks in a row.

To increase the protective forces of the body we recommend the aerosol preparation IRS-19, 2 times a day, 2-3 doses spattering in each half of the nose, apply 2 to 4 weeks (often ill).
For these purposes the drug is used rutaskorbin Rue "Belmedpreparaty", adults of 7 mg in the morning on an empty stomach, for 10 days, three months in a row, 10 days in each month.
Those who cannot use pharmaceutical means to increase the protective forces of the body, we recommend you to prepare homemade mixtures.

Mix 2 tablespoons of red beet juice, 0.25 l kefir, 1 tsp. a spoonful of rosehip syrup, the juice of 1 /2 lemon. Adults and children of school age should take 1 times a day, and for little children components should be halved and divided into two doses — morning and evening, three courses for 10 days, with a ten-day break between each course.

Siberian ginseng extract is also good for increasing the body's defenses. Take 10-20 drops in the morning on an empty stomach 1 /3 Cup of boiled water.

Stimulant and tonic properties and has such a blend: nettle leaves, chamomile flowers, grass yarrow. Everything has to mix and brew at the rate of 1 tsp. tablespoon collection for 1 Cup of boiling water. Take as a tea with honey or berries.

Strengthens the immune system another great recipe: 1/2 head of garlic finely chop with half of a lemon, pour 2 cups of boiling water and leave for a day. Store in the refrigerator and, starting in October, every morning on an empty stomach, take 1 tbsp. spoon. The child dose is reduced by half. Important — before you swallow, have the same solution to rinse the throat.



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