Summer treatments for face beauty and hair

Tender facial skin too needs care and protection. In any case, do not neglect sunscreen, wear sunglasses and don't overlook a salon. Of course, a variety of moisturizing, smoothing, firming, and from them, certainly gentle cleaning (in the summer our skin produces more sebum than, for example, in winter) and maybe a gentle peel.

In summer, specialists do not recommend to get involved in deep peels, and it is better to do without the use of trichloroacetic, salicylic or phenolic acids — combined with the bright sun and hot weather can all not give a positive effect. But light peels based on fruit acids, ultrasonic or glycolic peels omogucavanje to clean skin to even the tone and prepare to tan, which would be more exactly and reliably.

However, to begin tanning, you can only after 1-2 weeks as the skin needs to recover. Don't forget about the soft skin and help to normalize pores and deal with acne and other troubles.

It is possible to detect the hair in summer if you don't wear a hat, they take the first sun. Well, if them several times a day bathe in the sea water, they are just asking for help.

In addition to vitamin and moisturizing masks, in the Arsenal of the hairdressers there are more heavy artillery. Apply it makes sense if you spend all weekend outdoors or are going on vacation in a hot region.

One of the most popular therapeutic treatments keratin hair restoration. Keratin is a natural protein, the building blocks of our hair. The hair is a special formula that enriches hair with keratin, refreshes, adds Shine, makes it more obedient and slightly right. Ceratinine hair pushatsya and not electrified, but the effect of the procedure lasts 8-12 weeks, that is, it will last all summer.



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