How to improve memory and concentration


Mind wanders after a long day of work? Can't remember where the keys are or how many you still agreed to meet on a weekend?
While you are in the flow of events and daily Affairs, you may not notice that you simply are deprived of contact with nature. Fortunately, this is easy to fix, especially in the summer: look for the trees!

In the Michigan study group, students were asked to perform a short memory test. Then one half of the students went for a walk in the arboretum, and the other half for a walk along a city street. After the walk test was repeated. Those students who were in the arboretum, improved their results on average by 20%, observed also urban species is not appreciably improved the results.

Another similar study was conducted with people in depression. The results of the experiment were similar: nature walks improve working memory is much more efficient than walking in an urban environment.


You know that feeling when the brain sputters and stalls like a faulty motor? Experts call this as "mental fatigue".

Add the speed your brain can recreational environment, which, according to the results of the research is only the nature outside the window! Experiments environmental psychologists have discovered that mental energy is returned to the normal level even from the simple observation of nature outside the window, while the city scenes had this effect.

Studies have also found that natural beauty evokes a sense of awe, which is one of the surest ways to experience the elation.

We know that nature helps to recover, and one more thing can restore nature walk is your reduced attention. In earlier studies, researchers tested the ability to focus a group of volunteers. Then the part of the participants went for a walk on nature, the other part – in the city, and the third part of the group – just got a chance to relax in the room. When everyone returned, the "natural" group scored the highest score in the job in a professional reading. Other studies got similar results. Even a "green" view from the window counted out.

The effect of increasing attention with nature is so strong that can help children with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, which resulted in improved ability to concentrate after only a 20 minute walk in the Park. "The treatment of nature – a safe, inexpensive, widely accessible new tool to influence negative symptoms of ADHD," the scientists write.



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