16 the most striking houses in the world

Looking through this photo set, you will not understand it is residential house or painted in bright colorful paint desktop Barbie dream house. But, looking closely, understand that this is not a toy, but a real house. How good they are, as if descended from children's illustrated books of fairy buildings, where, probably, to live only for wizards and sorcerers, or a fabulous artist with a magic brush Shine only the bright, gentle sun and warm rains are coming.

1. One such original house with original title "the House of pipes", located in Dresden, Germany we mentioned earlier, which in addition to its original coloring and is not less than the original drainage system drain, which when the flow of rainwater produces musical sounds.

2. Another of the original three-storey house with white walls with bright pictures of flowers in pots, located in Mykonos, Greece. Its appearance is so unusual. All this he unrealistically smooth and white, with colorful shutters and clay pots that are installed on the roof and around the house that one gets a visual impression that the house walls were paper thin, and so I want to look inside it. Maybe it's the house of the local Potter that the way he chose to attract attention.

3. Another house, standing in the spotlight, located in Mexico city, Mexico. Its appearance resembles a giant sea shell with colorful mosaics, well, just a real home for local mermaids.

4. In the American city of Brooklyn have a rainbow house, that is in fact played out a fantasy local painter. Probably all paints that currently were available to him, he used to paint the house.

5. Everything for kids everything for them. Perhaps it is this motto that was used to create the colorful design of this home "Kindergarten" in Paris, France.

6. Rural Lodge in Poland is simple and tasteful.

7. Residential Hundertwasser house, Vienna, Austria. Is "hilly" and the number of storeys, the roof of which there are about 250 trees and shrubs. Artist and architect, whose name and called the building believed that it is one of its peaks of creativity and even wrote a poem about it.

8. Colorful houses in Istanbul, Turkey. Oriental fun and engaging with crooked narrow streets and such bright houses.

9. The Building Of The "Galera", Vilnius, Lithuania.

10. The building in Madrid "Caradanchel24", Spain.

11. The striking design of house facade in Cologne, Germany is very similar to the artistic image of the house created by friedensreich Hundertwasser in Vienna, but with his shades and monumental design.

12. Illuminated in the evening cinema "Palads" in Copenhagen, Denmark. The largest cinema has 17 screens, and can accommodate under the roof of 2300 visitors.

13. Bright, colorful "mistakes" designers of Singapore. One can only imagine how must be fun to live and walk in this neighborhood.

14. Russian apartment buildings in Moscow in designer style "let's Save nature for our descendants".

15. The house, which may be located in the land of Oz, Ecuador.

16. House Wimereux, France.

Source: allfreefoto.ru


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