Why children are important and need to be creative


Interest in the work begins to emerge at the kid after the first year of life, the child is attracted to pencils, paper, clay, pebbles, thread, in General, everything from what to do something. Often they do unexpected things. It would be like to distract the child from drawing on the walls to start learning drawing on paper. He doesn't know how to work with pencils, but gets pleasure from the process of drawing, the appearance of colored spots on a white sheet of paper, he sees them as his living images.

This period of development of the kid teachers called disobediently, and if you keep the baby in his desire to draw, then very soon he will be able to attempt to display the surrounding. For a child is very important, your interest, example and help of an adult. With age, the process of drawing develops and becomes more complex, but baby also needs your support and encouragement.

When the child freely creates, he learns of spontaneity, openness, and inquisitiveness that it will be useful throughout life. Learning to be an individual, to be a creative person. This does not mean that he will become an artist, a poet or a musician, this means that he will learn to be creative in everything he does.

Children who know what is music, dancing, drawing, never look at paintings, books or music as a fun. They will know what is behind any work of art, to respect the work of others. But if the child will form a taste, it is easy to distinguish real beauty from cheap consumer goods.

To be creative means to develop the whole life of a creative nature. What is the purpose of any creative classes? It is possible to educate the great artists or writers? No, of course. To grow personalities. People with extraordinary thinking that are configured to self-development and self-improvement.

Although, some creativity is necessary that parents realize that the child needs to realize their ambitions. It is important to understand why children work, do not build unnecessary illusions about them. Well, what in childhood can be the results? Children absorb whatever they are given, everything that surrounds them, learning even from the air, from the atmosphere between people. Everything they teach and learn in childhood and adolescence, appears later, echoes of knowledge and skills can find an outlet in adulthood. So the classes in childhood must be different to the child to be able to try everything. All this will develop his ideas about the world, broaden the horizons, will set up the perception of oneself and the surrounding reality in other, more subtle waves.

After all, any contact with art (painting, music, poetry) develops their senses, fills the inner world, raises questions, forcing us to think and reason, to Express their opinion. Creativity is a dialogue with oneself, with others, with the world. Your children will learn to communicate, if you become creative. (In our age of universal loneliness this ability is important and is really expensive).

Source: www.ecology.md


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