Women's loneliness, or what prevents to find her man

You and clever, and beautiful, and a good hostess, but personal life does not add up. What's the matter? If you can not find the reasons of their loneliness, we can help.

A practicing psychologist, Executive coach, expert in many magazines and TV channels Julia Kuzmina believes that in every woman is what attracts the opposite sex. However, most of us didn't know how it works. In the book "the Power of feminine magnetism" (Publishing house "Eksmo"), the author helps readers to determine their own formula for attraction more accurately.

The judge said that it is possible to do, "not playing the role of "poor" and "women are bitches" ( so not typical of a true self-sufficient women!)".

Girls who are in search of a partner, of course, trying to figure out how to do it faster and with less risk to themselves. We know where to find a man, how to attract his attention and strike up an acquaintance, but somehow in the end the relationship is not working. Yulia Kuzmina believes that many of us make the same mistakes.

FIRST ERROR: I Nedostoynoepovedenie that you are not attractive enough, not too young or experienced, you may not like just what it is – all this robs you of the chance to establish a relationship with someone like that.

"Somewhere in the depths of your consciousness there are all these treacherous thoughts about what you're in "format," and he's so awesome!".

Summary of author: can not afford to live in the head bad thoughts.

The SECOND ERROR: to grab EACH Strashnovato real hunger for relationship, but if it is to understand and give yourself time to select, it may be that not anyone is suitable for you personally.

"Any normal guy would run from such ladies as far as possible".

Summary of the author: it is impossible to look at all men as potential husbands.

The THIRD MISTAKE: HOSTILITY TO Mujchinami for past grievances and claims we can have a male with an aggressive attitude. It is obvious that men, like all people, differ from each other.

"Believe me, among the men there are very nice people."

Summary of the author: you can't hate men, they need love!

ERROR the FOURTH: the SEARCH Idealet regularly gives you away, because there are shortcomings in all, but perfection is found only in the movies.

"Average looks and calm character – a much more pleasant experience.

Summary of the author: not too much to "raise the bar".

The FIFTH MISTAKE: to AVOID Obscenely make a pleasant acquaintance, you just need to be surrounded by people. Lonely people are losing communication skills and comfort in society.

"If all the time to spend at home, on the couch, in front of the TV – there is a danger to stay lonely for a very long time".

Summary of the author: it is impossible to withdraw into themselves and refuse to have fun.

The SIXTH MISTAKE: to ESCAPE FROM Realisticly search is delayed, and the failure all the more upsetting, I want to explain myself all any force majeure or unknown reasons. And it is fraught to leave to fight for their future and leave my life as it is.

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