Diet is the principle food of Tibetan monks

As for this technique, it is safe to say that it is unique and original. Moreover, this diet was not only attempted by Tibetan monks and used them for one hundred years.

What is this diet Tibetan monks? It consists of several main rules, which must adhere to. Let's start with the fact that the meal should start with products saturated with water. Features am juicy foods such as vegetables and fruits. The main secret here is that these products will help your body to start working and protravlivateli food. As a result, the body will be much easier to cope with heavier food and it will protravlivateli faster. This is the main reason why the Tibetan monks always begin a meal with dessert.
The second secret of Tibetan monks diet is that nutrition is very important to respect the sequence.

If at the beginning of the meal you just don't have any fruits or vegetables, you can start with the broth, but it is important, that it contained no meat. After that you can begin to seafood. It can be squid, crabs, or shrimp. There is increasingly depends on your preferences. You can then go to yogurt products. Only after all this you can afford a piece of meat. It should be noted that the meat, you can choose what you like best. Also at this stage you can eat salted, dried or fried fish. If you want, you can substitute meat products like a piece of cheese or an egg.

The next stage is the use of bread, which can be in the form of crackers or diet bread. No need to think that all of these products are a must-eat, because here is just given a possible sequence, but only you can decide what to eat. But remember that all the products that you will pick, you need to use in that order and not otherwise.

Another important point of this diet is that you should do no snacking. At the expiration of two hours after a meal you can afford a glass of fresh juice or some fruit, but nothing more.

It is also worth to mention that this diet is not recommended to wash down the food by a liquid. This also applies to water. To use the liquid can be severely two hours before meals or two hours after.

Many people who are tried on a diet of Tibetan monks, satisfied with it, because it doesn't make you starve, but at the same time, brings the desired results. Follow a diet is not very difficult, but you can be sure that it will help you to get rid of extra pounds. published


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