Homeopathy for weight loss

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Homeopathy helps to solve many health problems, but to find a suitable drug should specialist. Homeopathy for weight loss – can we consider this method effective?

The secret to the effectiveness of Homeopathic remedies do not relieve the symptoms, but the problems that provoke their appearance. At their core are products of animal and vegetable origin, and minerals, and even poisons. There are drugs created on the basis of very specific products, for example, of the excrement of the sperm whale. There is a rich Arsenal of homeopathic remedies are used different dilution (changing the concentration of the active substance). To choose the right drug and prescribe treatment can only be qualified.

It is worth considering that homeopaths can follow completely different schemes. Some give the patient only a speck of the drug and observe the response of the body (it is believed that small doses suffice for "reboot"). Other prescribed dense scheme, offering the patient to take the drug every day for a few grains (1-3 times a day).

In order to choose the right drug, the homeopath conducts a thorough survey finds a variety of nuances concerning food preferences, psychological responses, changes in well-being throughout the day and so a Specialist might be interested even intimate moments. All the questions you need to answer as truthfully depends on the correct treatment regimen. The fact that all homeopathic medicines have their "preferences". Some of them are prescribed for left-sided pain, others are used in the case that discomfort affects the right side of the body. Some medications suit people of slim build, and some complete individuals. That is why homeopaths are so skeptical of complex homeopathic drugs offered in pharmacies – they may not correspond to the physiological characteristics of a human being. The correct treatment should remove the problem of "seams" — referring to the homeopath with obesity, you can find out what you need to treat pancreatitis.

Drugs for the treatment of obesity In order to combat obesity homeopaths often prescribe drugs such as Acidum phosphoricum and Ignatius. Taking them, you may notice a decrease in appetite. The same effect is Nux vomica and Anacardium. Find the application ammonium, barium, calcium carbonicum. Used drugs sulphur, Sepia and Natrum sulfuricum. One of the actions of this group of substances is the removal of excess fluid. Carduus marianus, likopodium, Chelidonium, Solidago, taraksakum provide a laxative effect. Curdlipid helps to cope with disorders of fat metabolism and fatty infiltration of the liver. Fucus 3 normalizes metabolic processes, reduces appetite.

Treatment Homeopathy promotes gradual weight loss – the process takes a long period of time (1-2 years). Exercise and diet will enhance the efficacy of treatment regimens.

Reviews Homeopathy for weight loss has been increasingly used, however feedback on this method are mixed. Those who found a good specialist who achieve excellent results. Self-medication of positive changes does not provide.

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