The fight against obesity. Oddities

In recent years, the problem of excess weight is becoming more urgent. Often obesity is becoming a chronic disease, and treatment is paid attention to, for example, in the US, people tend to lose weight with the help of exercise, diet, take drugs for weight loss or even resort to plastic surgery. But in some countries there are very non-traditional methods of treatment. We bring you five of the most bizarre ways to lose weight.

1. Japan: the mandate of the maximum volume of waist

The percentage of obese people in Japan is relatively low - only 3, 5%, and this was made possible, in part due to the government's program. Thus, the mandate from 2008, entitled "Law Metabo" indicated that the maximum amount of the waist for an adult should not exceed 90 cm for women and 85 cm for men between the ages of 40-to 74 years.

Those citizens whose waist contrary to the law have a greater volume, a mandatory visit nutritionists and perform a set of measures to lose weight. Local health authorities even have the right to fine the offender.

2. United Arab Emirates, Dubai authorities are paying people for losing weight

June 19 the government of Dubai has launched a special program - citizens receive financial support if lose weight. Program participants, who lost two or more kg until August 16 - the end of Ramadan - will receive remuneration in the form of a few grams of gold, equivalent to lost weight. Three members, grown thin over all others, will also receive a gold coin worth 20 thousand dirhams, which corresponds to $ 5500.

3. New Zealand: the country is not allowed immigrants overweight

In New Zealand, one of the four adults suffer from obesity, so the country has started to deny entry to those who have too much excess "baggage". Immigration requires that anyone who wants to live in the country undergo a medical examination, and on its website states that people with a high body mass index (BMI, 35), do not meet the standards of health policies, as they relate to long-term risks health caused by obesity.

Such measures have been adopted in New Zealand in the fight against the obesity epidemic, as the country can not afford to possible new health spending, which may be followed by the entry into the country a large number of immigrants who are overweight.

4. China: acupuncture

The Chinese have used acupuncture to combat obesity through the ages. Studies conducted commissioned by hospitals in Hong Kong have shown that the method really works: according to the researchers, the acupressure points in the ears and feet are directly related to the stomach and spleen, and the impact on them with needles promotes weight loss.

5. United States: the exhaustion of food from the stomach

This is called aspiration therapy: in the human stomach is placed a kind of pump - tube implanted in the stomach and connected to the so-called "cutaneous port" on the stomach, which ultimately allows patients to pump up to 30% of food consumed in the home before it will be acquired by the body . Now therapy is already available in Europe and is in clinical trials in the United States.


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