Hair mask with mustard

Mustard powder is a hot seasoning, but this is not the whole scope of its use. Burning the "nature" of this product allows it to be used in cosmetics, particularly for hair care. Mustard mask for hair: what are the rules of cooking, what result it provides?

Useful informationthe chemical composition of mustard powder contains saponins, essential oil, proteins, minerals, vitamins. When applied externally the mustard speeds up the blood flow in the affected area, warms the skin, counteracts congestion, stimulates nourishment of hair follicles. All this contributes to accelerated rates of hair growth.

Mustard mask is not applicable in the presence of wounds on the scalp, and in the case of individual intolerance. To verify that it does not cause mask Allergy test — brush with a small patch of skin mustard ground. Hyperemia (redness) will be a natural reaction, but the rash and itching should not be.

Rules of preparation and application of masks"Burning" procedure, practice before washing your hair, not after. Hair mask with mustard should be applied on hair roots – it is this area deserves attention. If you add mustard weight completely the whole length of the hair, you can dry them to avoid this, do not hesitate to lubricate the tips of the curls with vegetable oil. Treated hair should wrap with cellophane and wrap with a towel. To prepare the mask you need to use dry mustard powder, because the finished product that contains vinegar and other additives, is not suitable for the hair care. Dissolve the powder needs warm water, but not boiling water – the active thermal effect leads to the release of a pungent essential oil. The composition of the need to prepare before applying – the more time passes from the date of preparation, the more manifest burning properties of mustard. Not perederzhivat mask – use it will not bring, but can cause burn or cause peeling. Because after finishing the procedure, the scalp becomes very sensitive, wash off the mask recommended comfortable warm water. It is recommended to apply a hair conditioner.

The exposure time is from 10-15 minutes to an hour (depending on personal tolerance). The rate of application of treatments depends on hair type – if it's dry, the mask should not be more than 10 days if a normal – every 7 days, and if the fat every 5 days. Applying the mask on your hair, you should avoid getting the substance onto the mucous membranes and on the skin – burns are unlikely to cheer you up.

Garcilaso mustard just dilute with water (slightly warm liquid). Remember that this mask option is used only with greasy hair – otherwise, it is necessary to add fatty component. Keep this mixture on hair need a brief period of time (10-15 minutes).

Mustard, sugar, oil, relocate mustard mask for hair growth is popular. In an enamel bowl, combine dry mustard and vegetable oil (2 tbsp), add raw egg yolk, a little sugar and about 2 tbsp of warm water.

Mustard, honey, egg yolk, vitamins, socioeconom grate on fine grater and squeeze the juice out of it (1 tbsp). The pharmacy purchase aloe Vera juice (measure out 1 tbsp). Take honey (1 tbsp), heat to 40 degrees (use water bath). Combine all ingredients, add 1 tsp. of dry mustard, diluted with warm water, raw egg yolk, a vial of vitamin B1.

Mustard, oil, kegerator recipe mustard hair mask is fairly simple. 1 tbsp of mustard powder, dilute with a small amount of yogurt (should be a pasty mass). Pour it in any vegetable oil, e.g., castor or almond (1 tbsp). Add the egg yolk, rosemary essential oil or tea tree (3 drops). An additional component may be heated in a water bath honey (0.5 tbsp).

Henna, mustard, Medvednica in a small bowl, colorless henna powder and dry mustard (50 g of each). Dissolve the mass in warm water to form a slurry, add 2 tbsp of warm honey, raw egg yolk. Can also drip 3 drops of rosemary oil.

Kefir (curdled milk), archicads prepare this cosmetic mask 2 tbsp dry mustard, spread a small amount of water, add the yogurt (100 ml). Can additionally pour in the mixture of oil solution of vitamins A and E (1 teaspoon of each).

Mustard, vinegar, dry mustard glencoyne and cosmetic clay (1 tsp/2 tbsp). Pour 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar and tincture of Arnica (2 tbsp). A lot together, heat in a water bath. This composition is suitable for care for oily hair. Keep the tool on the hair longer than an hour impossible.

Mustard, moderatorii in warm water pills Shilajit (3 PI./50 ml). Add dry mustard (1 tsp) and 1 tbsp of warm honey.

Mustard, brandy, cream, juice alegorico (1 tbsp.) mix with warm water, add a couple of yolks. Pour the aloe juice, brandy and heavy cream (2 tsp. of all components).

Mustard, gelatin, notmartha 1 teaspoon colorless henna and mustard, add 1 tbsp of gelatin. Cover with water (0.5 tbsp.), leave to swell. Then melt in a water bath. When the mixture has cooled to a comfortable temperature, add raw egg yolk. This mask not only promotes hair growth but also increases the amount of hair (hair covered by a protective film).

Tsivinskaya effective mustard mask for hair? Reviews say that after carrying out hot procedures, the curls start to grow rapidly and become a natural beauty.



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