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Although the shelves and bursting with an abundance of goods for hair care, old folk remedies continue to be popular with young people and older generations. Natural cleaners not only clean the hair, but also make them healthier. One such tool is the regular yellow mustard home, she has long hair washed our grandmothers.

You will need:
 - Mustard powder
 - Warm water

1. Mustard known for its cleaning properties and its application range is so wide that it is possible to wash the body, and the dishes, and someone washes her clothes, adding a conventional washing machine. If we apply the mustard for washing the hair, it will not only make your hair clean, but and heal them. Mustard treat hair loss, their fragility and increased fat content of the scalp. Mustard perfectly captures and displays the fat, so it is more suitable for oily hair. Dry hair and dry scalp, it can hurt! So be careful to themselves.
2. Before you run to the bath with a bag of mustard, find out whether you have an allergy to it. Never use hot water for breeding mustard or simply very hot water. Mustard in contact with water starts to produce essential oils, the higher the temperature, the more caustic, these oils are, so try to take water pleasantly warm temperatures.

3. If the fresh mustard, be sure to add to it something that can mitigate its impact. For example, yogurt, egg yolk and a little honey.

4. Spread 2 tablespoons of mustard 0, 5 liters of warm water, spread the mixture on your hair and leave to act for 5 minutes. This time can be used for other hygiene procedures. Rinse off with mustard hair. It is better to do it without running water, and in the pelvis, down into the water hair, and vypolaskivaya them as underwear. Under usual shower is difficult to wash out hair from mustard powder without residue dried grains will look to clean the head as dandruff.

5. After shampooing, apply a balm or hair rinse them with a solution of vinegar 1 tbsp. l. 1-2 liters of water. Remember, mustard dissolves fat, so if you have dry hair ends, grease them before washing honey or any vegetable oil to prevent damage. Do not be alarmed arises when washing light burning, essential oils are calling the blood flow to the scalp, which favorably affects the supply of nutrients to the hair.

6. If you want to wash your hair with mustard powder, but can not decide on this step, try to start to mix with mustard your usual shampoo. If washing and the effect of it you like, you can switch to one of only mustard powder.

NOTE: Be very careful - lots of mustard diluted in water too hot, you can burn your scalp! And also keep in mind that this method of shampooing itself mustard you can not go! If it will burn badly and you will be unpleasant, then it's not for you, immediately wash your hair!


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