~ ✿RETSEPT natural cosmetics OWN HANDS ✿ ~ HOW cleanses the face oils and why?

This may seem a little strange, especially if you have oily skin. However, contrary to popular belief, oil is not the cause oily skin or acne. Usually the reason for this combination of hormones, bacteria and dirt.

Sebum secreted by the skin, really useful - it protects against adverse environmental factors and prevents harmful substances penetrate the skin. And, because the water is not able to dissolve the fat, most industrial cleanser does not contain oil, which means that it was easily washed away with water.
When we remove the skin from the natural sebum, it tries to make up for the loss, highlighting even more fat. The same thing happens with our hair using shampoo.
The oil dissolves oil. One of the basic principles of chemistry reads like dissolves like. The best way to dissolve the non-polar solvent such as sebum / oil, the other is to use a nonpolar solvent, a similar composition, i.e. Other oil. When using suitable oils you can clean the pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively, replacing dirty sebum essential oils of plants, vegetables and fruits that heal, protect and nourish your skin. Make the correct method of cleansing oil, you can restore the natural oil balance of the skin and get rid of comedones, pimples and other skin problems caused by acne, thus making the skin healthy and hydrated.
Thus, high-quality oil is an excellent tool for cleaning delicate facial skin, gently removing dirt while restoring skin balance.

METHOD AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR OIL skin cleansing see above in the next post (limit the scope of recording ((((


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