~ ✿RETSEPT natural cosmetics OWN HANDS ✿ ~ RECOMMENDATIONS skin cleansing oil (CONTINUED)

1. Produce a mixture.
Simply mix the oil in a small bottle, shake and natural cleanser homemade ready! The most popular is a mixture of castor oil and extra virgin olive oil (extra-virgin). Castor oil pull dirt from the pores, and olive - moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

For normal skin: equal parts of olive oil and castor oil.
For oily / problem skin: 3 parts castor and 1 part olive oil.
For dry skin: 1 part 3 parts castor and olive.
Experiment and find the ideal balance of oils for your skin.
But you can use any of your favorite vegetable oils such as solid (cocoa, shea butter, coconut, palm ...) and liquid (olive, flax, jojoba, makaddamii, almond, grapeseed, sesame and etc. ...).
For oily skin are well suited jojoba oil, grape bones and flaxseed.
For dry skin, suitable almond oil and evening primrose.
Tea tree essential oil - an excellent antiseptic, healing acne. Try adding a little (a few drops!) In your oil mixture.
Oil mixture can also be diluted with a little natural rose water, which is also great for the skin and eyes!
Can you pick out the oil according to ayurveda (for doshas) - warming or cooling (eg, coconut oil cools, and sesame and mustard warmed, so perfectly suited for Vata imbalance).

2. Gently to rub.
Take a bit of the mixture, rub between the palms and gently massage the skin with your fingertips. Apply the oil must be on dry skin. Massage the face for 1 minute.

3. To remove eye make-up, take a cotton ball, soak it in warm water, dunk in your mixture was purified oils and gently in a circular motion, remove the ink (as you usually do slops). Believe me, this method is far superior to remove ink factory accessories, besides eyelids eat butter, both cleansing the skin and moisturizing it! two in one! and how they feel after that! and you no longer need the cream after you have removed the makeup! and eventually you can throw it away and wash and cream!

4. steamed face.
Soak a towel in hot (preferably boiling) water and cover the face until it has cooled to room temperature to steam the pores and remove impurities and dead cells. It takes less than 1 minute.

5.Udalyaem oil.
Take the towel, soak and squeeze it, and then gently wipe the oil. You can immediately feel a mild steel skin.

Using the method of cleansing the skin oil, from the first time you will notice how even the fading skin becomes softer and acquires a lighter shade. You will not have a sense of tightness, but oily skin will not be. The pH of the oil is pH-level of human skin, so the oil is ideal for skin cleansing.


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