Essential oils for weight loss

The degree of sweetness of this plant is superior to sugar. Do you use essential oils for weight loss, which has useful properties?

Helpful information the Herb stevia is used for weight loss due to its useful content. The plant contains calcium, potassium, chromium, the first element has an effect on fat metabolism, the second – actively removes excess fluid from the body, and the third regulates carbohydrate metabolism. In the herbs contains essential oils and vitamins. Sweetness of stevia sugar is superior (grass – 40 times extract is 300 times) – contribute glycosides and inulin. The caloric value of 100 g of leaves – 18 kcal (grass extract has zero calories). Grass normalizes digestion, accelerates the flow of metabolic processes, suppresses sugar cravings, reduces appetite. The plant helps to cleanse the body, it improves skin tone (with loss of fat the body becomes flabby). Stevia strengthens the immune system, removes excess cholesterol, normalizes blood sugar levels.

Drugs stevia, Tea with stevia, Packed in filter-bags is not the only use of the herb. You can find the syrup and dry grass. Find use tablet, powder and extract.

Ways to use stevia Stevia brewed along with tea and coffee. It is added in fruit compotes and cocktails. Stevia podslushivaet diet pastries, cereals, fruit salads and other dishes. The grass brew either just before use or prepare it a concentrated infusion, which gradually add in drinks and meals (storage life in the refrigerator – no more than 1 week).

To prepare 20 grams of herb brewed Cup of boiling water and heated on water bath for 10 minutes. Then the tea is poured into a thermos, insist 10-12 hours, filter into a clean jar. The raw material remaining in the flask, poured a small amount of boiling water (100 ml). After 6-8 hours the drink is filtered and added to the rest of the broth.

Stevia tea for weight loss implemented in filter bags or dry leaf of the fine fraction is used twice a day. In order to reduce the appetite, the drink is recommended to drink before eating. Method of preparation of the drink: filter 1-pack or 1 tsp. of raw material per 200 ml of boiling water. In order to enhance the flavor of the drink using the Sudanese rose tea or green tea, chamomile, wild rose.

Tablets taken 2-3 times a day (30 minutes before eating) 1-2 PCs. the Maximum rate is 6 per day. Pills should either drink warm water or dissolve in it. The powder, packaged in bags of 1000 ppm, applied 2-4 times a day (not more than 4 sachets per day). When brewing keep the aspect ratio: 1 sachet in 1 Cup of boiling water. The powder can be used to sweeten dishes. Syrup stevia – a concentrated drug. He gradually added to food and drinks (4-5 drops/ 200-250 ml).

Indications, contraindications, special instructions stevia the Drugs prescribed for obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders, high blood pressure. Grass and stevia powder have a characteristic grassy taste – many don't like it. Deprived of smell and taste stevia extracts. Contraindication is individual intolerance. It is not recommended to use stevia during pregnancy and lactation, and in the case of a diagnosed Allergy to Asteraceae. It is impossible to combine stevia with vitamin complexes may develop hypervitaminosis.

The question of the effectiveness of the Herb stevia is used for weight loss — it promotes the loss of 2-3 kg per month (no severe restrictions in the diet, with the exception of the abandonment of sugar). It is estimated that replacement of sugar by stevia helps to reduce caloric intake by 10-15%.

Reviews essential oils for weight loss has been increasingly used is a natural product not harmful to health (as opposed to synthetic sweeteners).



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