Exercise "Golden rooster stands on one leg" — a simple way to prevent serious illnesses

Imagine you are a surfer who is carried on Board on a stormy sea, arguing with the wind, taking off on the wave and falls down — as hard to keep balance! If you have a good imagination, you will cheer up and warm up.

When the disease develops, the experts of traditional Chinese medicine believe that the disturbed balance between the elements of Yin and Yang.

But understand this, it is rather difficult, as not much easier to imagine that was broken or unbalanced connection between the internal organs. When there are problems with the limbs or spine, the doctors believe that the lost harmony between the internal organs and musculoskeletal structure.

And it's hard to comprehend, especially if you have little understanding in Chinese medicine. Not everyone has the desire to go into the theory, but I really want just to know is there any simple way to restore balance and harmony? I answer — Yes. In the Arsenal of Chinese medicine there is a simple and extremely effective method which is called exercise "Golden rooster stands on one leg". I suggest you to master it right now.

So close your eyes, arms down along the body, lift one leg and hold in this position for a few minutes. An indispensable condition — do not open eyes. In this case, the sight will not help you keep the balance that mobilizes the brain to restore balance in the internal organs, in order to keep the overall balance of the body.

The soles of our stop are the channels to the six main internal organs when you try to balance on one leg, weak channels may even start to hurt, but at the same time they will train, which in turn will have a beneficial effect on the organ to which the channel and the part of the body in which the body manifests itself.

Exercise "Golden rooster stands on one leg" helps to focus and get rid of distractions. Blood and qi are lowered in the region of the limbs, which has a positive effect for hypertension, diabetes, osteochondrosis, radiculitis and other diseases. It is effective when signs of atrophy of the cerebellum, Meniere's disease (the disease is manifested by attacks of vertigo, noise in one ear, loss of hearing, disturbance of balance) and gout. This exercise during his regular run exceptionally effectively for those people who are freezing limbs. This method treats the root of the disease, as well as strengthens the body's immunity.

At the initial stage and with a weak physical form run exercise Peniscola minutes on each leg. Gradually increase the time standing on one leg. SUBSCRIBE to OUR youtube channel that allows you to watch online, download from YouTube free video about the recovery, the rejuvenation of man. Love for others and ourselves, as the feeling of high vibrations — an important factor in recovery — EN

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Author: Cheng Fujun
The Chinese translation of Elena Buyanova

P. S. And remember, just changing your habits — together we change the world! ©

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