The method of restoring harmony of the body. Traditional Chinese medicine works wonders!

In traditional Chinese medicine, is the assertion that the development of any disease - it's just a consequence of an imbalance between the elements of yin and yang. We, the people of the West, it is very difficult to understand how there can be disrupted balance between the internal organs and is even harder to imagine and comprehend. If you do not want to delve into the essence of this imbalance, but you wonder if there is some simple way to restore balance and harmony, will tell you about a very effective method. To restore harmony you need only one simple exercise, which is called "Golden rooster stands on one leg».

Its implementation will not be difficult. You need to just close your eyes, relax your hands and let them drop along the body, then lift one leg and stand in this position for several minutes. The most important prerequisite for the proper implementation of this exercise is that you can not open your eyes. The eyes will not help you keep the balance, and in this case the brain itself will begin to restore the balance of internal organs, to keep the overall balance of the body.

Another advantage of this exercise is that, trying to keep his balance on one leg, you'll work on the six channels of the most important internal organs, which are on the soles of the feet and this will positively impact on the internal organs.

Performing exercises "Golden rooster stands on one leg," helps with:

thyroid diseases (especially if the problems are caused by disruption of the pituitary and hypothalamus); diabetes; gout; radiculitis < / osteochondrosis; Meniere's disease (which manifests itself fits of dizziness, noise in one ear, hearing loss and imbalance); when signs of atrophy of the cerebellum; li > strengthens the immune system; increased self-confidence; restores emotional balance. you have decided to start doing exercise "Golden rooster stands on one leg, "begins with a few minutes for each leg, and gradually increases while standing. In this exercise, no big deal, and it can be carried out every morning after waking.

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