30 simple tips that will greatly facilitate your life

It turns out that not everything worth learning years. Sometimes even small tips on the development of which will take no more than 10 minutes, can affect our quality of life.

1. If you are at the presentation, always have a bottle of water. And if you forget what to say, take a SIP. No one will notice your stupor, and you will have a little more time in order to remember the idea.

2. Can't find a seller-consultant in the store? Stand in front of the most expensive TV, computer or other thing and look at the price. Someone immediately suitable.

3. If you suspect that your machine for someone watching, make four turns in one direction. Thus, you will return to the same place, and if the machine is still after you, then you were right.

4. Put the blue handle red cap. Nobody steals red pens!

5. If you ever get caught for the humiliating occupation, tell him that you lost the argument.

6. In stores the cheapest products are located below and above the line of vision.

7. Spending too much time on social networks? Make use of special extensions for browsers.

8. Six portions of water one serving of corn syrup and two portions of liquid soap will help to create neopayment bubbles!

9. The light from the infrared bulb on the remote cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, it can be seen through the phone's camera. Therefore, if the remote stops working, you will be able to verify he is dead or broke.

10. Buying strawberries, smell it. If she has a strong and pleasant aroma, then it will be very tasty. If externally it looks okay, but there is no smell, from buying better to abstain.

11. When buying oranges and grapefruits, pay attention to the weight of the fruit. No matter what his size — the heavier the fruit, the juicier and tastier.

12. Spend 15 minutes before bed and write down your plan for tomorrow. Waking up the next day, try to stick with it.

13. You can download to your computer the entire "Wikipedia". The file size is only 40 GB, and you can read it without Internet access. Torrent file is here.

14. How to pour juice and milk from a Tetrapak: Pour the juice from the Tetra Pak cap up, not down.

15. Take your phone out of your pocket and remove the three-second video that is near you. Repeating this trick every day, at the end of the year you will receive an 18-minute video about what happened with you a year.

16. When writing the email, leave the to field blank until the last moment. So you can save yourself from accidentally sending the letter.

17. Accidentally texted the wrong person? Immediately turn on airplane mode". After fail upload, you will be able to delete it.

18. Not to forget something when leaving the house, put it in the shoes!

19. Put your shirts in the closet vertically. So they take up less space and easy to find the right one.

20. If you feel that something has got into eyes, look down, wide open eyes and begin to blink.

21. When you meet a person, repeat his name, so you reduce the chance that you forget it.
— Hi, my name is Sasha.
— Oh, Sasha, nice to meet you!

22. Create your small child mailbox and there throws interesting pictures from his life. In his eighteen tell him the login and password box. It will be very interesting to see how he was.

23. By pressing the keys from 1 to 9 when viewing video on YouTube, you'll move to 10, 20, 30, 40%... forward.

24. White text with black edging perfectly readable on any background.

25. Keep a Notepad with pen.

26. If you make cakes and forgot to buy eggs, you can replace them with bananas. 1 egg = half a banana.

27. If you need to quickly charge the phone, turn it on airplane mode. Thus you will reduce the charging time almost in half.

28. Make a small knot on one of the earphones, never to confuse left with right.

29. Learn to meditate, there's no magic.

30. 15 minutes of laughter affect health as well as 30 minutes of sit-UPS.

Source: lifehacker.ru/2014/09/08/30-sovetov-oblegchat-zhizn/


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