What is the real work and the strength of women

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In a previous article I started a topic calling Women. And discussed the first aspect of motherhood. Today I want to touch all the other duties of women, or rather, what lies behind them. What is most important in all of this.

The most important women's work is not to all to feed and obstirat. Not to do all the lessons and mend all the socks. And not even to give birth to maximum children.

It's all tools. And the essence of many women is lost. And then we wash and remove because it does. Have to bear and raise, because they have to. Husband suffer, because they have to. But why do I need? Who do you want?

In any action makes sense. In any ritual, also have only with the years can be lost. And the ritual then turns into a mindless repetition of some steps precisely in accordance with the rules. As happened in many religions. Standing just so, bow is the only way, the only way to be baptized... and So it was with female labour.

Women have long lost the essence of why we all do it? So what? That all were satisfied? To be a good wife and mother? To be like everyone else? Because it is not accepted?

The main women's work – to Love. All other duties are derived from here. Just help to show Love. We can say that our duties are our employers. Which help to unlock our potential. But at the same time allow you to have funds for life.

But what does it mean to Love in practice?

— Taking care about the body or about What is really important? To feed the children and husband for the sake of "mandatory set of proteins, fats and carbohydrates"? Or more important to feed their souls with love, acceptance, forgiveness? — It is important to clean the house and clothes so you weren't badly thought of? Or is it to help to purify the mind and soul from all unnecessary ballast? More important to iron their trousers to the shooter and a shirt without creases, so they always look good? Or is it to stroke their souls so that they always feel good? — Can wash their clothes and to wash their souls from resentment and pain. — It is possible to teach children mathematics, but we can learn to Love…

I am in no way saying that we should not do anything. I just want to show what should be in the first place.

We are always focusing on the bodies. But the care of the body for the body is a waste of time and effort. It would be like to sit Vkontakte for seat Vkontakte. We are more than this body. And body needs is not all of our needs.

How we treat ourselves?

But it all begins with attitude. We pay too much attention to your body. We constantly lose weight-get fat, learn the art of skin care, makeup, buy new clothes, jewelry, changing hair style.

But how much time each of us pays his own Soul? But we are Souls. The body will change. But our soul is eternal.

Whether we are listening to your heart, go after his calling? Do we guard your soul and do we let her full power to open up? Do we see it at all? And we know that we are Souls and not bodies?

And here the question is not whether to stop showering and get dressed. You need to understand what comes first. Who is more important, car or driver? Can starving the driver to go wherever he wants without breaking the rules? Even if his car was squeaky clean and with a full tank of fuel?

Can a healthy driver to drive the car, which never took place, not change the oil, empty the tank?

The balance is important. And it is important to understand what comes first. You should pay attention.

Very often it happens that we know the car that we're going. Aware of its color, size, brand, power, fuel consumption. But completely unfamiliar with the driver. It's like he's hiding behind tinted glasses. Maybe we slipped the glass on the outside to ignore it?

To get started is to meet him. Look in the glass if necessary, to remove from the glass paint or tint. And see who's in there?

In order to remove this color, we need to clean up my life. Take care of the cleanliness of body, home. Early to rise and early to bed. To refuse the intake of meat, alcohol. Stop Smoking and say swear words. Pray. All of this lot telling my Teachers – Oleg Gennadievich Torsunov, Oleg Gadetsky G., Vyacheslav Olegovich ruzov.

And when we can see a real – though not completely, let them through first crack purity – then — and only then — can we see others.

A woman that sees Souls

For me the most important work of Women – to see in another human Soul. To see her and help her to open up. To help oneself to see her.

Why Female? Because nature created us so that we feel very good. We have strong feelings, strong mind. Women have strong intuitions, we better understand people and their actions. And we can watch deeply. If you want to.

But in order that man might in front of us to unfold fully, there are women's responsibilities. We relax his body with delicious foods, clean clothing, its beauty. And then his Soul is much easier to manifest.

We care about bodies of other people, to be able to take care of their souls. We just need to relax their body. Husband comes home from work stressed. In this state it is difficult to think about your soul. It boils aggression, shame, guilt – each with its own set. If it will meet no less excited wife – to be trouble. If the wife will meet his beautiful, clean home with a bowl of his favorite soup... And in response to his indignation because of the work say: "of Course, you're right. Come on, I your back stretch". Better yet, not only back, but stops....

From this worries man relaxes. Then he can remove his armor and to show himself real. He will be able to take the risk to appear vulnerable in front of her – knowing that she will take care of his Soul.

And in this moment between spouses can occur true friendship, close relationship. After all, the word "wife" comes from the word "squad". And before that, the most important between husband and wife was this warm friendship.

But you can act differently. You can inflate him, even if he came calm. You can swing your sword around him, poking him with a spear. To try to penetrate the armor. And God forbid in such a situation to come home unarmed…

For example, there was a husband at work a difficult situation – not increased it, and another. The wise wife will pacify the frustrated spouse. So that he will understand himself that it's for the best. That working from the office is not the same as he likes. And circle another. And time for family would remain less. With all that he deserve the best. it just is not the best for him. But relaxed and calm it is easier to see other possibilities. For example, to fulfill his dream or to change the scope of activities.

Is there any other way. It is possible to Jack up, to convince him that it is unfair. And he deserves the best, and the head does not understand. So the wife will awaken in the wife of the offended warrior who will definitely suit a vendetta. In which someone gets hurt. And not the fact that it is the head. Can become a victim herself....

Our mission is to appease love

We are filled with the feminine energy – energy of the moon, in order to appease. Remember when we were young, fell and broke his knees. And what did we do? Ran to mother so she blew on our wound. When in kindergarten we're hurt, we also ran to complain to my mother.

If the mother is wise and feminine — she will listen to you, Pat on the head — and that does not hurt neither knee, nor heart. These mothers were not all — some shame for the tears and torn tights, others tore down his anger and resentment....But we have something important to learn to be wise women, and to make a choice in favor of peace.

Similarly, in fairy tales Tsarevich was first necessary to feed, drink, put to bed, and then he was already good and

calm, ready to feats. Model "Prince" to "beloved husband" and get a ready program of action.

Husband came, feed, drink, a back massage. And then, when he calms down in silence, — and you can talk.

Lunar energy gives us these powers — that ability to pacify, to calm. As mother's milk instantly soothes baby, so soft and feminine energy can heal the soul.

Let us actively be filled with lunar energy, so we can appease our loved ones. Let's learn to be wise women. learn to see the souls of other people....

I wish you first to see your Soul. To understand it, to see, to love. And then to have it easy to see the souls of other people, to help them to open up and square off.

Author: Olga Valyaeva

Source: www.www.valyaeva.ru/samyj-vazhnyj-zhenskij-trud//samyj-vazhnyj-zhenskij-trud/


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