People do not understand how they want to be cheated


People do not understand how want to be deceived.

First, such a statement causes resentment: "not True, I want everything around me was honest, told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!"

But if you do not prevaricate? If we want in any case to know the truth? Maybe sometimes it's better to stay in blissful ignorance? I tried to select multiple "well, very weighty" reasons why we allow others to hang pasta our ears. Let's think about whether it is convenient to live a lie or it's time to pick up a fork? Why we do not want to know the truth and are deceived:

Selfishness is convenient.

The simplest, but the most common cause. We don't want to know the truth, because to live in ignorance so comfortable! Similar situations happen when someone cheating we benefit. But if both parties are satisfied, then who needs the truth? Mutually beneficial cooperation, based on lies, is unlikely to be durable, but your "buns" you get. The easiest classic example — all sorts of fortune-tellers, soothsayers, etc. how many times told the world: among them are very many cheaters. And still, we are ready to give the last penny of the regular "witches". In the end, we are changing your finances for beautiful tales of a happy future.

And quite often the "bun" is... the ability to cheat a liar. We can betray him in retaliation, and to justify the fact that simply "do the same as he."

The fear to face the truth — the less you know, the better.

Another reason why we are often led by the nose — we are giving up obtaining reliable information. Only do this in order to get the benefit, and to avoid any trouble. "Sweet lies" is in this case more delicious "bitter truth". Maybe it is this property of the human personality used by some media when misrepresent some events? I think we should yell at each corner that television and Newspapers cannot be trusted: they just show us what we want to see.

I'm smarter than everyone else, Oh, I do not hold.

Let me explain a simple and very relevant example of a financial pyramid. Not all citizens of our country live happily ever after, so the desire to become rich is understandable. You can justify and reluctance to move for the brains and other important places. Unexplained only the ability to constantly get caught on the same hook. Heard about another way of "how to make a million in three hours", we run, dropping the sneaker in the hands of another crook, taking with it the accumulated "rainy day" money. Somehow we feel that we would be smarter than their predecessors and we certainly will not be deceived. We shouldn't forget where it is usually free lunch.

Abdication of responsibility — none of my business the edge

Reliable information is not know, will never meet. Another selfish attitude. To shift the responsibility, hiding behind the broad back of the deceiver, is a brilliant solution.

I'm a victim of fraud.

I think about half of deceived people take this position: I the unfortunate victim, pity me, sympathize with me. So the person tries to attract attention to his person. Like I want to accuse these individuals of insincerity, but sometimes I wonder: the happy life they become, people just want some attention and came up with a way to get it.

Good attitude to the liar — we don't want to embarrass the liar, willing to keep a warm relationship with him...

Quite often this happens if the lie is small and harmless: we just don't want to spoil relations with a man, so take his words on faith. What if you turn a blind eye to a serious lie? Most often this happens when you really love a person, you trust him. Even if deep down you know that in some moments he prevaricate, you turn a blind eye and try to convince myself that that's true. Example: your unemployed friend once again asks to borrow some money. You agree, listen to his solemn promises to return every last penny, but I do know that this is your "irrevocable contribution" to the friendship. Alas, such relationships will end sooner or later, cheating is a very shaky ground for the Foundation of friendship or love.




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