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It is no secret that abortion should be considered murder in almost all religious faiths in the world, and many spiritual practices open the veil over what happens with the connection mother-child and what happens if the parents decide to get rid of the one who gave life.

I'm not esoteric, not clairvoyant, and are not familiar with the energy nuances, but as a therapist and juggling, with its more than 6,500 client work, I feel compelled to share their knowledge and system observations with those for whom this topic is important.

Many of us children of the Soviet Union, and I, as a nurse-midwife by the first education, I know firsthand what early abortion, many women saw as a means of contraception. Accordingly, there are few people who more than twenty years and who have no unborn brothers and sisters. And if the Church says that an aborted child is a sin, who are parents, I want to direct your attention to how unborn children affect born.

From a systemic point of view, family is a system composed of interconnected members, which interact with each other regardless of whether they're alive or not. So we can have a good solid connection to our deceased grandmother to pay the debts of the grandfather, the same fate as my mother's older sister that everyone forgot and can not afford development and well-being in memory of the repressed relatives. Everything not buried, not mourned and forgotten, somehow affects our lives.

The most durable and stable relationship is a relationship between parent and child. Each child carries his family in his heart. And often he doesn't know where his feelings — we call it "interweaving". The child is woven into the events and destinies of people may not even know. The basic rule of family relations States: all relatives are eligible for membership. If any of them rule out that the fate of the excluded could affect another family member in the next generation, and this may manifest in depression, unprovoked attacks of aggression, unwillingness to live, phobias, irrational behaviors, and diseases. And until you have restored the right is excluded until he gave the proper, invisible threads of living associated with those who are not.

Unfortunately, I can't offer you a clear structure of who and for what reason falls into a particular weave, because each destiny is unique, because each system is unique, and yet, certain patterns, but not likely, we can see.

Will try to make some kind of classification, what are the challenges facing people with unborn children, and those who have unborn brothers and sisters.

The word "unborn" I understand: aborted, stillborn, miscarriage, a fertilized egg during artificial insemination, and the embryos placed on "freeze" and the children never born, if the mother used a means of contraception "spiral" (then the woman usually does not know how many times she was pregnant, and this should be clarified through the placement or other types of work with the unconscious).


• Abortion has a profound effect on the soul. Parenting begins at the moment of conception, it cannot be undone by abortion.
• The consequences of abortion for parents tend to be much heavier than if they had a baby.
• The blame for what happened cannot be separated — each is their own.
• If a woman who became pregnant did not tell about this to your partner, her responsibility and guilt are compounded.
• Every abortion abort part of a relationship. Physically this may be termination or a violation of sexual relations, but really this break occurs at soul level. The situation remained like this until, while each of the parents acknowledges his guilt, yet mentally they don't look at the child and gives him a place in his heart. Then both can be together.
• Relationship as a couple can't be completed if they have missed the unborn children. On the subtle plane, this connection remains while they are alive.


• Soul of the mother undergoing the abortion as if she lost a part of yourself. It leads to a dead baby, pulls her in death. The pain from this is so great that in most cases, this movement is transferred to the sphere of the unconscious and a woman may feel fatigue, lack of energy, as if her life somewhere flowed.
• A mother's heart remains with his first unborn child while he mourned not for her, it is "closed" for other children. A child who is born later, may unknowingly experience fear in relation to the mother.
• Man who have aborted children, has those or other financial problems.
• Living children may be restless, to be sick, do poorly in school, can occur accidents. The parent may feel that has no real good contact with the child.


• If you have unborn brother or sister to you, then this child "lost" its place in the system, because, most likely, you would not be. Then often such people have not built up life itself: they may feel that they do not have the right to live, to feel, to live several lives simultaneously, to have financial difficulties. As if they can't afford a full happy life. Usually such people have difficulty with the choice of profession, they complain about the inability to find their way. In their Arsenal a few formations, they often change jobs, their personal relationships are complex and diverse, and among their friends many different and fundamentally do not like each other.

In collaboration with her mother two scenarios: detachment, sometimes aggressive agitation in cases where the mother requires something or teaches something "sticking" in the relationship — a child feels that he is too much give (for two, or even three). And the second option: it is not a requirement, but a sense of duty — it needs to be successful, famous and leave your mark in this life. As if man in his heart looks upon unborn brothers and sisters and tells them: "I will live my life for all of us!"and that is what causes many failures.
• If unborn children are after you, then the dynamics are less diverse, but generally suffers from the sphere of family relations. Even creating your family, we feel that we are at the service not only from her but from my friends, and at work — for the simple reason that our soul gets to our brothers and sisters "mom" because our mom on them not looking.
• If you have unborn brothers and sisters before and after you, often this person does something difficult with your life to do. In the description of their lives, they can use the phrase "I don't feel the support feet", "the earth move under my feet" "I don't know who I am and what I want from this life", "I have no taste for life", "I like living, but I'm not here", "I have a feeling that I do not live my life»…
• If between the living brothers and sisters are unborn children, they feel estranged from each other, sometimes this detachment turns into the abyss.

There are many other nuances, each of which in different cases has its own patterns and patterns. For instance, men who have children conceived by artificial means, almost always face serious financial problems. And not only that, with this procedure, using multiple embryos, and not always from the first time achieved success, and that means that all of these children were not only siblings, but often twins or twins, and this relationship is even stronger than the bond between mother and child. In this case, such a system may be affected by a large force, I would say, the forces of nature. We have a saying "God gave the child, give the child", but if you "bought", it ceases to operate, and without serious work in correcting this situation seems impossible.

You may ask: and what have miscarriages and stillborn children, they also were not killed? This is true, but often the pain of loss is so great that the couple is not able to truly mourn and let go of the child. At first, they seek to blame, implicitly or explicitly, trying to shift the blame on each other, at the doctors, and even God himself. But if such child does not say, if you forgot about it or if recollection of him is pain, so he still mourned excluded and, therefore, will be the one who partially or completely take his place.

Here are a few examples of client work.
A young woman complained that her five year old son in kindergarten, nobody wants to be friends. Parents changed for the third garden, trying here, buying toys and sweets, teach him to share them with other children, but all in vain. According to the mother, her child is kind, nice boy who is suffering because of the situation.

In the balance she was asked to choose deputies for the son and for other children and arrange them as she feels it. Once everything looked normal, except that the Vice boy had an unpleasant body sensation, unclear perception of reality, pain in the throat. All these symptoms mother found out. But when the Deputy the baby was closer to other children, they felt the fear and did not look at the child, and the seat next to him. We completed placement of additional deputies, and put them on the right and left of the boy, and feedback found that it is also children so they perceive themselves and the Vice-boy. The client said that she had two abortions before son, a miscarriage and two abortions after birth. When introduced, the missing children, all the better. Deputy child looked at them with love, he was very happy and felt absolutely happy. The mother remembered how the son repeatedly in their games, chatted with invisible friends, and she was sure that they are the figments of his imagination due to lack of real friends, and now she could see how things really are.

She was asked to enter into the arrangement itself, to look at their children, and it was evident how difficult it is given each step, but when she was able to say: "You are my children, and I am your mother" — "children" rushed to her, and she was able to fully surrender to his feelings. While she was crying and hugging her unborn children, her son cautiously began to approach other children, and this time they told him he could.

Another client requested that its partnership did not work out, but relationships with children are not the best. When her Deputy put his family, it became apparent that the woman is the focus of attention in another place — she looked at the spot on the floor; when this place put Deputy assistant client approached him, went around, hugged him and closed my eyes. She hugged him like a mother hugging a child, and Vice lay in the fetal position. The eldest daughter quietly came up to him and lay down. When the son wanted to follow them, his father stopped him.
It turned out that it was a stillborn child of this woman from the first marriage. She only knows that it was a girl, and the doctors even showed her mother. When the woman was able to look at your child and recognize that the heart and not cry for her, the atmosphere of tension and pain felt all deputies, began to change. The client gave her daughter's name and promised that he would give her one day of his life: he said that he would take her hand and show her Kyiv that they go to a children's store and she can choose a toy, and then they recover to the circus (that's where I wanted to go to the unborn child). And only after that the woman was able to truly see my daughter, son and husband, it felt like a shroud. In the balance introduced the first client's husband, he felt the connection son from the second marriage. The woman said that indeed he behaves as if he was her partner, not a son. He was trying to Woo her, has always noticed how she is dressed, once even said that when he grows up, marries her. First husband in this system were also excluded, and the client's son took his place. Of the first marriage of the client, and their stillborn sister, the children did not know.

The woman was able to look into the eyes of her ex-husband and say that now their daughter has a name, thank him for everything and to turn to his family.

The man was with two kids and happy that now she will be with them. In life he really told his wife he couldn't feel her that she's not here, what caused her frustration and misunderstanding. In this arrangement, we saw that part of the heart of the client behind her, which closed and forgotten along with the pain that is left unlived. The eldest daughter followed her, and for this reason she had poor health and a weakened immune system. The son took the place of the first husband, so all the family was "complete". Only current husband was left alone — for it was not the place that affected partnerships.

In fact, the theme of unborn children is much deeper — it is boundless, like life itself in all its manifestations. And each story requires its own approach and his unique solutions. One thing is important: each system has its place and we have to live your life while on it — it guarantees us the support and ability to cope with everything we prepared for our destiny. To do this you must open your heart to all who ever belonged to our system and give them a place. Then the dead will remain in the netherworld, and we will not need to live someone else's life.

Author: Ishchenko Irina


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