In Denmark, women with low income are forced to have abortions

Social workers of municipalities of Denmark forced pregnant women with a low income to abandon the 2nd child. So, Simon Jorgensen announced, in September 2012, her social worker made her go for an abortion: "My social worker told me that if I want the daughter that I have remained with me, I have to go for an abortion," claims a young woman.

Several lawyers confirmed that municipalities many times forced young women such as Jorgensen, go for the abortion.


Bourgard Lars Sorensen, a lawyer from the city of Brønderslev claims that calls from such women come to him daily. Another lawyer, Rasmus, Hedegaard from Aarhus, confirmed the words of his friend, arguing that such phone calls from women, which puts pressure on the municipality, it receives almost every month. The lawyer believes to be offensive, that state scares the young woman to take her child, unless a woman goes for an abortion.


But, social workers Denmark do not think that the charges against them justified.

Peter Bruges, head of the social services in Randers, where once lived Jorgensen, believes that his subordinate when speaking with Jorgensen, could have mentioned abortion. "I believe that talking about abortion as a possibility — this is normal. This, of course, does not mean you have someone cornered. But they must understand the possible consequences if you suddenly want to give birth to another child," he says.

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