Scientists: Cola increases the risk of cancer

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A new study found that fans of sweet drinks dark colors expose themselves to additional risk of developing cancer. And all because of the presence in the beverage of unnecessary ingredient. School of public health at Bloomberg Johns Hopkins University found that in some soft drinks as the artificial caramel coloring used 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI) – a potential human carcinogen.

The study, which writes IBTimes, it was revealed that from 44 to 58 percent of children under the age of six years consumed at least one can of soda a day, and possibly more, putting them at risk of developing cancer.

Fans of soft drinks put themselves at risk of developing cancer, which can be avoided because of one ingredient added to the drink only for aesthetic reasons. This unnecessary ingredient threatens the health of many people and raises relevant issues, say the researchers. Having examined 110 samples of soft drinks of different brands commercially available in the U.S., the researchers came to the conclusion that due to a lack of a large sample they cannot recommend one brand or to draw conclusions about a particular brand.

The results showed that the levels of 4-MEI could vary widely depending on models, even for the same type of beverage. For example, in the case of diet coke, some samples were too high concentration of 4-MEI, and others too low.

Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines USA (FDA) has already taken measures to reduce the consumption of carcinogens from food, and hoped that beverage manufacturers and government organizations will help him in this.



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