The right book: "principles of longevity" by Dan Buettner

This is an amazing book! Reading it, you will travel through the beautiful places of our planet, will meet with wise people and learn the secret of their longevity. Dan Buettner traveled to the blue zones (areas of the planet with the highest rates of longevity), got acquainted with the locals, asking them about the past, watching the present. All in order to unravel the secret of their longevity and share it with you.

Some observations by Dan Buettner:

About vitamins

In most cases, to meet the daily needs of vitamins enough to eat 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Few people follow this advice.

About exercise

Instead of exercise for the sake of exercise, try to make adjustments to your lifestyle. Give up the car, take the bike. Take a stroll to the store on foot. Instead of the Elevator, use the stairs. Let physical activity become an integral part of life. It is likely that these habits will persist for a long time.

About laughter

Laugh with your friends. Men in this blue zone (Sardinia, approx. ed.) is known for his caustic humor. Every day they gather in the streets to laugh and joke. On top of each other. Laughter reduces stress and therefore reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

About the meaning of the day

The older generation of Okinawans will not hesitate to tell you the reason why it rises in the morning. Their meaningful life gives them a sense of responsibility and a sense of usefulness, even a hundred years old.

About the meaning of life

Centenarians have necessarily have meaning in life. They feel needed and strive to do good.

About the garden

Grow the pharmacy in the garden. In the garden of the Okinawan people you can always find mugwort, ginger and turmeric. These herbs have proved its medicinal properties. Using them in food daily, the islanders protect themselves from many diseases.

About nuts

You need to eat a serving of nuts? Add roasted walnuts or nuts-pecans to a green salad. Roasted cashews are well suited to the chicken salad. Fish fillet, topped with walnut crumbs, has a divine taste. Is it bad just to flip nuts?

About communication

Nikolski centenarians tend to visit the neighbors. They know how to listen, laugh and appreciate what you have. published

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