10 best books to take care of ourselves

Often we don't care about yourself, until you face nose to nose with the disease. Well, or limitations due to health problems: for example, labour run cross with fellow prevent excess weight, then burn with shame, trying to catch his breath in front of everyone. A dubious pleasure. Very frustrating to feel that you can't do something.

Fortunately, you are able to decide what to do with my life. To neglect or become healthy, energetic, happy person. We have collected the best books on the topic of healthy lifestyle, which from afar for ten years. It is the knowledge and experience of people, inspiring dream: to run a marathon, lose weight or to stop worrying over nothing. Everything is possible!

1. Transcend: 9 steps on the path to eternal lifeRaymond Kurzweil and Terry Grossman

We call this book the "encyclopedia of the family doctor" — just a storehouse of useful information. You are going to live long? If Yes, then you should learn about the 9 building blocks that you will add ten or even twenty years of a full life. This recipe is for those who want to be fit and active and to feel better today. A very cool book. Bonus: interesting ideas on the future of medicine.

2. The China studyColin Campbell

Nothing to hide — we are fans of this book. And not just us: more than 1,000,000 people around the world share the views of Professor Campbell, who devoted his life to study the relationship between food and disease. The results are sensational: people kill themselves. Heart attacks and strokes, cancer, diabetes, arthritis are due to improper nutrition. Just eliminating the number of products that can stop the disease, that plagued us.

3. Chinese research in practice, Thomas Campbell

"The China study" — living proof that a vegetarian diet cures chronic diseases and extend life for decades. All this, of course, sounds tempting. But how to make this diet a part of your life? Thomas Campbell, co-author of the acclaimed bestseller, offers experiment-game: to eat healthy in only 2 weeks, and then make the decision. It is not necessary to make promises for a lifetime. Just try it. Our commercial Director Dmitry Utrobin for many years a vegetarian and feels great. And suddenly you enjoy?

4. Food and the brainDavid Perlmutter

Sweets and cakes are destroying our brains! Scary? We, too, were not alone. The author of this book spent years trying to figure out: headaches, memory problems, stress, insomnia and bad mood cured in a jiffy... giving up bad carbs (sweets, pastries, some cereals)! Never before have we consumed so much carbs so much right now. And the consequences were not long in coming. This book is for those who want to have a clear mind.

5. The other you!Valikhan Ten

This book is a guide for those newly embarked on the path of Lifestyle and just learn how to eat right and to exercise. Master of sports in powerlifting, bodybuilding CCM and experienced coach Valikhan Ten teaches the basics of building a beautiful body. You will learn how to compose a menu, how to plan workout and what exercises to choose, increase endurance and lose fat. Illustrations show how to use different equipment, so about the awkwardness of the fitness club, you can forget that you come prepared! The book replaces a personal trainer.

6. VitamineCatherine Price

In childhood, we heard that vitamins are necessary to adopt, they are terribly useful without them in any way. Turned out to be not so simple. Catherine Price had a journalistic investigation on such a sensitive issue, such as vitamins and dietary Supplements. Why ticklish? The fact that giant companies, politicians, pharmacists, and scientists are not always willing to tell the truth. Too many stakeholders, and pull the blanket on himself (or themselves — depending on the situation). But vitamins and all sorts of supplements almost every day be on our table. Recommend this book as food for thought for those seeking to find a grain of truth in the tangle of contradictions.

7. No sugarJacob Teitelbaum and Fiedler Crystl

In the XXI century the consumption of sugar per capita is unreasonably high. Manufacturers add sugar everywhere: it can be found even in milk and bread. The result — millions of dependent people who suffer from years of health problems and blow money on drugs, not knowing what is the true cause of headaches, anxiety, sinusitis, fatigue and depression. We passed all the tests from the book (Teitelbaum says that there are 4 kinds of dependence on sugar, and offers to determine which you have). Informative! The authors describe dependent and gave a lot of tips for getting rid of sweet dependencies, organized into a clear programme of action.

8. The power of full engagement!Jim loer and Tony Schwartz

Health formula contains not only the variable "absence of disease", but the variable "energy". When strength is not enough, and chronic fatigue became best friend, no enjoyment of life, and there is no question. What is really there health! The MYTH suggests this book to anyone who feels a lack of energy. The authors for many years engaged in psychological training of stars of tennis and found ways to manage energy — physical, mental and emotional. The book is a helper for those who wants to achieve wow results and not to quit at the most inopportune moment.

9. The blue zonesDan Buettner

This book is the opening book journey and book the physician. Dan Buettner not only tells of the amazing secrets of longevity shared by the oldest inhabitants of our planet. It also does a fascinating tour of the world: the blossoming of Sardinia, blinding green meadows, a Paradise of Okinawa, with its white beaches, Costa Rica, fascinating colorful pink houses, filled with aromas of orange, California and Loma Linda, in the bright sunshine, waiting for the curious guest.

10. Run faster, longer and without injuryNicholas Romanov and Kurt Brungardt

Running is a pleasure. Seriously. Not sure? Ask our myth-maker Renata shagabutdinova: recently, he participated in the mass track and field athletics run "Komrads" and overcome 90 kilometers. This is cool. By the way, running make people happier, causing a "runner", improve brain function and sleep, reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. And, of course, tangible plus — in good physical shape. In this simple and, most importantly, clear book (with many illustrations) you will find instructions for beginners that will help to develop running technique and avoid injury.

There are people who feel great and look great for years to come. What is the secret? They just chose the path of health. This can be done at any age and in any condition — body and soul.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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