7 best books that change lives

A lot of good books, but there are some that really change lives for the better! Of the hundreds we chose the 7 best books that can change lives for the better and held a vote to choose the best of the best.

1st place. Allen Carr "Easy way to quit smoking." (Unrealistic effective system of parting with this bad habit. In the book, quit smoking, Kurt Russell, Bruce Willis and many others. The book helps people to change for the better, parting addictions. After reading the book you will not want to even touch a cigarette.). According to the survey, "the seven best books that change lives", the book won - 10,454 votes.

2nd place. Serge Domogatskii "home training - a maximum of freedom." (Unique book that allows you to improve the body at home. In the book, 10 training programs for different body types. The availability of training without simulators and effectiveness of this book is distinguished from similar. In the book, there are programs for burning fat, and for the recruitment of muscle mass . In addition, nutrition, training secrets and more.
The book has the largest army of fans in the history of social networks (more than 160 000 people vk.com/club18536795) Qualitative and effective programs - that's what the book helped find mass acceptance). 7071 vote in the ranking for the best book.

3rd place. Allan Pease "Sign Language" (World-renowned expert in the psychology of communication reveals the secrets of human gestures in communication. The book allows you to understand the gestures and read a person like a book. Now you will know when you are trying to deceive or, conversely, when you try to to prove the truth. This skill is very useful in life). 6877 votes. The third place in the rankings!

4th place. Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad - Poor Dad." (Undoubtedly, the best book on business and investment. It helps to understand the issues and making insertion of money. Some people claim that by reading a few books R. Kiyosaki get more information than the 5-year study in Economic College. Plus books in accessible presentation information. easy to read and understandable). 5681 votes.

5th place. Napoleon Hill. "Think and Grow Rich." (One famous reporter major newspaper suggested exploring hundreds of millionaires and derive a formula for success, so that they achieve much in life and in business. N. Hill spent on interviews with millionaires 30 years of his life and, having thoroughly studied this issue, derived a formula of certain rules success, thanks to which you can understand and work through their weak points and reach a new level of life.) 5069 votes in the poll for the best book.

6th place. Ilya Shugaev "once and for all life." (The book describes how to build a relationship between a man and a woman to the union was a happy one. It is told also about the many pitfalls of family life and relationships. To learn how to start a relationship, then stick to moving on to a more serious level of relations, and so on . A book for those who want to live happily ever after. There is no doubt the best book about the relationship between a man and a woman, and if you follow the author's advice, your life will be much happier). 4419 votes.

7th place. Archimandrite Tikhon "unholy saints". (The best book for the development of spiritual qualities and humanity. We can not be happy if our soul is dark and stale. The book tells about the great things of ordinary people who can serve as an example for us. Despite the fact that the book was written long ago, she got a rating of "7 best books that change lives"). 4238 votes in the rankings.


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