The fifth season of "Gossip Girl"

Tomorrow kicks off in the United States showing the fifth season of the popular TV series "Gossip Girl". Everybody wants to know what the creators have prepared a new series. Let's priotkroem veil of secrecy ...

So, at the end of the last episode we saw that Blair threw in the trash positive pregnancy test. If this is true, it is logical to assume that Chuck may be the child's father. But it will be a disaster because ...


Blair engaged to Prince of Monaco. After a beautiful night and painful longing heart Blair decides to accept the offer of Prince Louis Grimaldi. Wedding plans and monster-in-law as what Blair will go through with it? After all, it is clear that Chuck and Blair still love each other. Only time will tell.


Serena will get a real job !? It's hard to believe, but it looks like Serena have any suggestions. During a trip to Montecito, she met a man who wants to turn her favorite novel "Beautiful and Damned" in the movie. When he realizes her passion for the novel, he offers her a job! Serena can turn this film into an event, like a movie star.


Elizabeth Hurley will play the main role of Diana Pine, intelligent, created from the media mogul himself, who falls in love with Nate Archibald. Will be hot and we look forward to!


Charlie Rhodes actually Yves Dickens, but that no one knows yet. Remember psychopathic cousin Serena, Charlie? Well, it's actually a fraud. Its mission, which has been successfully completed, was to get hold of the family to create a trust fund. Now Carol can get access to this fund.

Georgina is also back! This naughty saw through the lies and Charlie wanted to take part in the fun. Perhaps she teamed with Charlie or try to expose her real identity.


Chuck and Nate travel the world together. The dynamic duo decided to retire from the Upper East Side for the summer and travel the world. Knowing these two, there is no doubt that they will find a lot of girls to have fun.

Dan is in love any more in Blair? Dan and Blair secretly see each other. Dan did not seem too happy, Blair leaving for the summer. Maybe he will try to stop this wedding!


Vanessa published secret memoirs Dan about life in the Upper East Side ... and Dan still does not know it! While Dan has rejected the offer of Vanessa publication of his memoirs, Vanessa steals them and publishes. Although she left the author's name is unknown, it will not be a secret for long. When Dan found out that his memoir had disappeared, he probably realized that it was Vanessa, who moved to Spain.


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