What love girls aged 15 to 30? Of course, the beautiful clothes, shoes by Christian Louboutin and jewelry from Tiffany & Co. It is advisable to have it all, but even to look at the world of glamor and luxury - is well and very nice. The series "Gossip Girl" is the best embodies the dreams of most girls and young women. Since September 2007, this sweet serialchik won a huge crowd of fans. And sexism nothing to do with. Agree guys hardly fanateyut characters from "Gossip Girl." But even the TV series "about the life of Manhattan elite" can deteriorate over time, it's not the wine. By the fourth season of "Gossip Girl" badly tarnished its reputation and passed the position. What's wrong? Here is my opinion.

1. Where is the gossip?

Remember that episode something called in honor of this famous and mysterious at the same time person. But somehow in season 4 Kristen Bell works clearly poumenshilos. The famous "kiss hug, your Gossip Girl" - all that was left of it. The complete absence of gossip as a character - and passions quite wrong. And how do you think we'll ever find out who is this gossip?

2. How did you sleep?

Now even funny that in the first season we could something surprising. For example the fact that Nate and Blair changed with her best friend Serena. Well, how can you? Now the reason for surprise left. New female character has not yet had time to come, and we are waiting for the same Chuck, Dan or Nate will lay it on the white sheets. And then, according to the law of the genre, the same lady would use someone else. Mutual responsibility, whatever you say. The betrayal of friends and loved ones betrayal - all ordinary matter. Through a series of all repurpose again will lie.

3. "shuttle run»

Can you count how many times Blair and Chuck confessed to love each other, and then diverged from the slaps? And how many times Serena and Dan came running and ran? In my opinion, these figures do not give account. Yes, they were made for each other, but what breed psevdostrasti? Sadly, the producers do not have money for talented writers.

4. His happiness expensive

It seems that the actors have a little worried about how and what they portray on the set poschadke. The desired fame they have achieved, and then you should not worry. Blake Lively and Chanel won even Christian Louboutin, and Leighton Meester grabbed himself a tidbit of the Asian cosmetics industry and Vera Wang. Thank works for them, so we're continuing to look healthy and tightened overexposed scenes.

5. Dry the water

Say what you like, and series justify the view that the rich law does not apply. Rebel Serena somehow magically thousand times avoided expulsion from school, university and prison. Rich mother and her mother's husbands always come to the rescue. Now under the distribution fell Lily, but apparently, the end of the story is predictable. I hope you're not naive to think that Lily rewind time and currently nabёt dome on the chest?

You can even mention hairstyles and outfits that are becoming bland and uninteresting from season to season. But it will be very sad result. After all, we are looking "Gossip Girl" for the sake of the beautiful pictures.

By the way, I found the process of writing one plus in the last season of "Splenitsy." I am extremely happy that finally lost (or almost lost) Jenny and Vanessa. Terrifying and frightening even me (with my imagination a) Taylor Momsen pretty fed up with her horny clothes and makeup in the style of a raccoon. The desire to see her sweet and simulated attractive face more in the series and completely disappears. But Jessica Szohr I have no complaints. But her Vanessa and dresses this character, I can not stand. So now I am enjoying her rare appearances.

Summarize. Century "Gossip Girl" is coming to an end, and the story reflects the Russian proverb "the farther into the woods, the more wood." I hope this will be enough wood to burn the series after the 4th season.


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