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No member of the Komsomol, but undoubtedly clever and beautiful! Hollywood actress Kristen Bell July 18 will celebrate its 33 anniversary. Position the "good girl", golden curls and a charming smile girl brought recognition and worldwide fame. But it should be recognized that the main talent of Kristen is a sense of humor and self-irony - that's why the blonde so organically in comedy movies. Where could you see it? - Recalls the role of the brightest!

When in Rome (2009)

A romantic comedy with a touch of humor, magic and a drop of essential triumph of truth and love. In this tape, Chris appears as a nice and good girl who somehow unlucky in relationships. Went to Rome for the wedding of her sister, she looks at with skepticism surrounding its romance, but the atmosphere in the Eternal City, can not act. And suddenly "love" decides to find her ...

Again, you (2010)

At Marnie great job, good prospects in life and a family favorite. So what to think of the past, in a school where over you every day mocked the most beautiful high school girl? But history itself makes itself felt - in the face of the very first beauty school, which is now about to become the wife of your brother.

Opposition to a new level, the victory over the old systems and the mass of funny moments - all this is in the comedy "You Again».

In the span (2008)

Again - Kristen comedy. The film, whose original title - "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," is filled with satire and humor typical American. For this beloved representatives of the stronger sex. In the picture, Jason Segel (Marshall of "How I Met Your Mother") and ex-husband Russell Brand Katy Perry share one girl, Sarah Marshall (played by Bell). It is noteworthy that in the picture, Chris appears not as a good girl, but on the contrary, plays a beautiful, broke the heart of the main character.

Gossip Girl (2007-2012)

My favorite TV series about the life of American teenagers young, rich and beautiful. Not everyone knows, but Kristen Bell has been involved in each episode, not even appearing on the screen. «You know, you love me. XO XO Gossip girl »- pronounced gossip Bell at the end of the series. Without her sonorous voice the show would not have been so wonderful. And only in the final itself, we can see the actress in a cameo role.

Movie 43 (2013)

This film has a ton of resentment, negative comments and unflattering reviews ... laughter. - Those who went to the cinema, to just relax and laugh, the desired. Clusters of stars of the first magnitude in the same project - no laughing matter. Chris appears in a part of the "Rendezvous superhero" in the image of her as Supergirl and to face heroic form! But supergirls have their "supernedostatki» ...

Burlesque (2010)

This is a special role in the career of the actress: first, in the film it - antagonist, chief wretch in the way of Christina Aguilera's character, and secondly - the character Belle brunette. That's right, a luxury beauty with dark brown hair. Thanks to this film, Kristen fans learned that she good move, and even sings! Maybe not as beautiful Aguilera, but the scene is pleased. Work, worthy of praise!

Veronica Mars (2004- 2007, 2014)

It is this role, Chris opened the way to the "big Hollywood movie." High school detective leading the investigation rather than the authorities. Gripping story, self-acting and relevance of issues raised screen have brought "Veronica Mars" and its main character, and the popularity of the first film award. After a not very successful third season of the show ended.

But in 2013 there was a unique case in the film industry: Chris and creator of "Veronica Mars" Rob Thomas and the other actors of the serial casting recorded video where a request to support the project have expressed full-length film about a talented girl detective. Studio Warner Bros. promised to sponsor a tape, provided the investment of 2 million. $, the collection of which was taken last month. Surprisingly, the necessary amount was collected for 48 hours.

So, next summer will see the fans again Bell as Veronica. Currently in California are shooting pictures, so your 33rd birthday of the actress met on the set. - Why not do the work for your favorite!


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