Kristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart) on the cover of Elle

The first summer issue of the magazine Elle will please its readers fresh photoshoot with Kristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart). Photographer Carter Smith and stylist Joe Zee did a great job and as a result had an excellent pictures with 20-year-old talented actress. The photo Kristen looks amazing, especially her beautiful eyes.

In an interview for the magazine, Kristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart) said that global fame has brought into her life one frenzy and anxiety. Especially annoying her restless paparazzi who every second encroach on her personal life. Another topic of the interview was the public criticism that constantly pours onto the star of the saga "Twilight". "People say I'm always kind of unfortunate. This is not true. I do this because of the fact that I always something to cry ... Sometimes I just hold back the tears ... This is a physical reaction to the energy that was thrown at you. "


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