Star "affectation" Kristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart)

Probably, the actress 'Twilight' is not enough status as a world star. Why then is it so often is in the frame with a scowl. We hypothesized about what actually thinks Kristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart) in these photos.

Sophia Loren (Sophia Loren) once admitted that she spent hours and grimace in the mirror to see what facial expressions will look cute and beautiful, and honing her facial muscles only play them. Well then Sophia Loren, and this Kristen Stewart. Forgive me, Stewart fans :)

"The status of international stars are so annoying.»

"Maybe if I screwed up badly and opened his eyes, all these fans and paparazzi disappear!»

"And why is that my stylist got it into my head that I'd like the bright pink dress with ruffles? No one accidentally nothing baggy and hooded? »

"And for that I got out of bed? I hope I at least someone will bring coffee and cigarettes. »

"Probably my angry and discontent are contagious - they are already starting to move to Kate Hudson.»

What? Of course, I'm not jealous, Robert starred in the bed scene with another girl. This is called a game. We both are serious about their work. »

"How I got all these public events. I hate lipstick, sprinkle with sequins and wash my hair. Life celebrities - sucks. I have already said that last year earned $ 16 million? »

The Truth? Another question about my personal life? Believe me, you do not want to go where I send you. »

"Yes, I will leave you my autograph ... but I'm not from this thrilled.»

"Being between vampires and werewolves - there is nothing more boring. And when this is all over? »

"I run shivers down your spine at the thought that you have to kiss today with Rob on stage. But you need to surprise fans. »

"I swear that if you make fun of my shirt, I'll give you a slap. Believe me, you do not want this. »


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