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Continued post about shooting process infamous "Twilight».

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"Eclipse", 2010, directed by David Slade

From this film expecting something incredible, because the film was directed by David Slade, known for his work "30 Days of Night" (one of my favorite movies about vampires!). But expectations are not met. "Eclipse" has turned out very sweet: sighs, kissing close-up, long conversations. I did not see anything criminal in this (especially because some things were very romantic), but critics in this regard have been less tolerant.

Kristen Stewart and David Slade

Pattinson brings beauty. During the filming of all parts of the saga he had to spend a lot of time in the makeup chair to do their hair (or wig to wear), brighten the face, lipstick and wear colored lenses.

Kellan Lutz at work: shooting action scenes.

To using computer graphics to turn into a wolf, Taylor Lautner had to put here is such a ridiculous costume (worn like, for example, and Andy Serkis as Gollum in the reincarnated on the set of "The Lord of the Rings"). In general, the "wolf" scenes were shot in three stages. First, the cause of the actors were taken, then were replaced by models of life-sized wolves, and after all this in the studio to create a virtual model of the animals on the basis of the footage. By the way, the role of the wolf Leah, which was performed by Julia Jones, could get Vanessa Hudgens and Miranda Kerr.

Volturi rest in between filming.

Props, among which you can see the Cullens bracelets, lockets Volturi and Bella's engagement ring.

In the picture: Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel game of love.

Filming a scene of the battle of Edward and Victoria - lots of special effects, pulling tree with roots, green screen ...

... And the headless body on the background of a happy vrazhiny Cullen.

"Breaking Dawn: Part 1", 2011, directed by Bill Condon

"Dawn" - is the beginning of the end of "Twilight." Unlike other series, this part was more rigid and even a little scary. In addition, in this film the wedding of Edward and Bella ... and their long-awaited wedding night.

One of the main intrigue of the film was the wedding dress of the protagonist. Fans of the saga have been thinking and wondering what will be the wedding dress Bella and finally saw it. The truth is he was not real because it was only a figment of the imagination of the bride and existed only in her dreams. The photo of the bloody dream dress, but about this wedding dress, designed by the Carolina Herrera itself, can be read here.

The wedding ceremony was held in a pair of custom non-standard location - on the edge of the forest. Wildflowers, spruce branches, stumps - more original decor for the wedding ceremony and think hard. Terrific!

Paradise Island Esme, where they spent a short honeymoon the couple, in fact, was not so beautiful - green screen to help!

After 'Breaking Dawn 1 "was released on the wide screen, Pattinson admitted that during the six months before the shooting adhered to a strict diet and regular visits to the gym to show impressionable spectator his muscular body while filming an episode of the wedding night. Apparently, he did not give rest laurels Taylor Lautner :)

Actors with director Bill Condon

To Kristen Stewart did not have to lose weight to the state of the skeleton for filming scenes pregnancy of her character was created doll - a hair's breadth emaciated actress.

Make-up artists conjure over the exterior Stewart, turning it into a gaunt Bella Swan in the last stages of pregnancy.

Kulminatsinny moment - the birth of Renesmee. Like all films, a newborn baby has played a rather large, 1.5-month baby, but in our case it is natural - after all according to the original source, vampire child is developing very fast.

"Breaking Dawn: Part 2", 2012, directed by Bill Condon

That's a fairy tale ending, and who looked - well done! The second part of "Breaking Dawn" was very entertaining and I am not afraid, of the word, an interesting conclusion of the Twilight saga. I can not say I expected some supergrandioznogo finals, when I went to the movies on this film ... but I got it. The creators of the films worked on glory - they created a film that could surprise. In 2012, I watched a lot of movies - from some I was delighted, some I did not like, some simply do not remember, but only one really surprised me. And who would have thought that they would be "pop, silly, romantic tale for teenagers».

Bella's first appearance in the guise of a vampire. The changes are not significant, but they are. Photo: Stewart, Pattinson and director Bill Condon.

In the life of a vampire is not without tricks. I suspect that the most difficult jump-ups-downs performed the stunt, although Kristen herself often endeavoring zabatsat few tricks unsafe.

Taylor Lautner and the company receive instructions from the director

Funny moment. I think Kellan Lutz had to try to portray the stress and helplessness in a fight with Kristen fragile.

Despite the fact that the role of Renesmee performed in the film as much as nine young actresses (not including babies and creepy animatronic child), became famous thanks to her aspiring model and actress Mackenzie Foy, whose face most often flashed on the screen. During filming, the girl was a special bank, in which the actors put money for every obscene expression. By the end of filming it was typed decent amount you donated to the needs of one of the children's hospitals.

I do not know what the most awaited in this movie about you, but personally I was hoping to quickly see new vampires and demonstration of their magical abilities. The choice of the director did not disappoint me - despite some differences with the original and innuendo, the vampire was very interesting. Most of all, I was pleased by the fact that the role of the blood-suckers were not chosen by the people with perfect appearance, and the actors who have a very memorable faces and charisma. Here is one of them - Joe Anderson in the form of a nomad Alistair.

I love these pictures from the series "Lord Voldemort sweet deal with Dumbledore": funny Michael Sheen in the form of Apo humor in the company of Robert Pattinson.

Filming the most ambitious stage of the second "Breaking Dawn", which actually turned out to be not such a scale. The action takes place not in the vast expanses of forest and shooting under the roof of the pavilion. Here's a movie magic!


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