The annual Festival of Lights

Currently held in Lyon is one of the most famous events - the annual Festival of Lights. Or "Festival of Light", as it is often called.

It has become a traditional cultural activities. It lasts four days. And for the past five years, designers from around the world flock to the city to decorate buildings, squares, rivers and hills.

More than four million residents and visitors can enjoy the colorful spectacle.

One of the most interesting exhibits is a statue of Louis XIV, which was established back in 1825. It occurs around the most incredible light installations, from one year to me.






If previous versions of the statue was illuminated by the light from the Ferris wheel, placed next to it, but this year it was placed on the "magic cube" created by the artist Gilbert Wash.


Thirty bicycles were placed around the statue of Louis XIV. Visitors are given the opportunity to pedal as fast as they could. Due to the collective effort to produce energy, and that mechanisms are in place to create a bright, abstract images on the cube.

At the end of this race was a surprise for all present as a mini-fireworks.

In recent years, the Lyon triumph more and more momentum, increasing the number of those wishing to witness the bright show.


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