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I am grateful for such a friendship like this!

Taylor before my cat loves that it is ready to roll with it on the rug day long. If she really did, it was only in designer dresses, as in this photo after the next ceremony.

Swift - a girl home, do not you like this. Statement in magazines she reads directly during the meal:

"So I see the world!" - Says the singer.

Times Square:

Flying over land:

The last day before leaving flavor «RED». Tonight.

I can not believe that the way out of my perfume so close!

I wonder who else used? What smells?

Crazy photos taken with Nick Grimshaw morning. Yes, I specifically got up early.

Relax in front of my performance at the «Heart Radio Festival»

"My name is ___, it is my wand. This restaurant is a very cool "- fills an invisible book of complaints and suggestions Taylor Swift.

Rain outside the window. Miss Brazil.

Welcome, mistress!

She actually looks Olympics.



Little children with mother:

Swift with your friends:

I cooked salmon.

Celebrate Birthday Shirley MacLaine. Dressed very nicely!

Being a girl, and sitting in a cafe, take a picture of her latte. Nobody has come up with anything new.

Write the next album. Happy.

Oh, what a night ... (thank you! Thank you! Thank you!)

I know how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day: the best it can be, it's delicious donuts!

Taylor Swift Twitter:


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