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Despite the fact that the final part of the "Twilight" still goes to the cinema, I think that all those who are interested in this film, it looked for a long time and have made of it an opinion. Actually, somehow to sum up and brush up shots of all parts of the saga, I bring to your attention a selection of photos from behind the scenes "Twilight».

I have to say: my attitude to the "Twilight" - positive. I see movies of this series as a way to distract and dilute your leisure time, which is often reduced to watching movies, light films such as "Twilight" and enjoy it (after all, if all the time to look something like "Mulholland Drive "brain explode). Also, I do not think "twilight saga" "corrupting the brain spectacle," as they say the so-called experts in the movie, because to those I attribute stupid American (and not only) comedy, where everything is reduced to the boobs, poop and vomit. < br />
And now about pleasant. Photos a lot, so I decided to break them in sections according to each part of the film. So ...

"Twilight", 2008, directed by Catherine Hardwicke

This marked the beginning of a part of everything that we now call "the twilight saga", and is the favorite among the fans of the franchise (although "Dawn 2" can make it a good competition). It's funny to look as young and funny look at these photos of some actors.

Taylor Lautner without tears will not look :). Here 16 ... and he looks 12.

Actors with director Catherine Hardwicke. Who plays Charlie, the actor Billy Burke, he decided that his character has to wear a mustache.

Apparently, that's born affection between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, which resulted in a joint life, treason, rumors about the wedding and about a dozen of unborn children. Although, who knows ...

By the way, originally for the role of Edward Henry Cavill has been chosen, but the role is still moved Pattinson. As well as the main vampire we could see Ben Barnes, Shiloh Fernandez, Tom Sturridge and Jackson Rathbone, who played Jasper.

But Kristen Stewart was virtually no serious rivals in the battle for the role of Bella. Emile Hirsch advised the director Hardwicke take on the role of Stewart, because I was just floored by her playing in their joint film "Into the Wild».

Shooting flashback where the Cullen clan eats deer. For the filming of this scene it was used three deer, no one was hurt.

Bratishki-sister. Laughed when she saw that Emmett in the hands of a package with boiled eggs.

Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed coddled with the baby of one of the crew members. Incidentally she auditioned for the role of Rosalie star of "90210" AnnaLynne McCord and ... Aishwarya Rai. But the first has not passed the casting and Aishwarya eventually turned down the role because she was afraid to look too old next to Emmett. No wonder - when she was already 35 years old.

But the role of Emmett could move superseksualnuyu Cam Gigandet, but it is, as we know, was made on the dark side.

Shooting a baseball game. My favorite moment in the film.

The fight scene in the ballet hall. To as realistically as possible to show Bella's wounds, which she got in a fight with James, used honey and grind the chicken. Unusual way.

Birthday cake on the day of the 18th anniversary of Kristen Stewart

"New Moon", 2009, directed by Chris Weitz

This part of the franchise is considered the worst. It seems to be delayed, but in this film first appeared wolves and ... muscular Taylor Lautner!

Generally before the filming of rumors that Lautner will be replaced by an older actor. But then he swung Tay, prettier and has become a sex symbol movie ...

He trained even during filming, so that after lifting the muscles swell and looked even more. Joke ... though there is some truth.

For a long time I could not remember that this behind the scenes, but then found out that it was shooting a scene of Bella's nightmare, which is simply cut out of the film.

Pattinson and Stewart from the film director Chris Weitz.

Rob and Kristen green screen through which we get a nice picture and a lot of special effects.

But sometimes the actors have to be removed, so to speak, alive. Let's even a small pool of water.

Weekdays vampire

But here are the dots are intended to create a visual effect (for example, to eliminate the nose as in the case of Lord Voldemort). Pattinson was luckier - the nose left in place, but have created a beautiful shimmer on the skin. Himself filming ...

... And the actual imposition of the image on the face with the help of special computer programs.

Snack ...

... And a smoke.

Chris Weitz and Michael Sheen. Directed very long time to persuade Michael to the role of Aro, as Sheen did not want to star in "next to his biography film about vampires," but surrendered when Weitz gave him an indisputable argument: "On the surface you are very kind and friendly, but really taish in threat. " Sheen could not agree more.

Action! Of course, in such complex scenes Pattinson substituted for alternate (right).

Volturi, the Cullens and their creator Stephenie Meyer.

For the mass shooting scene on the square was chosen Italian town of Montepulciano. In the shootings took part 130 extras - residents.

To be continued…


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