The following rules for traditional Okinawan centenarians "blue zoneĀ».

- Find your ikigai. The older generation of the people of Okinawa do not hesitate to call you the reason that it rises in the morning. They are filled with a sense of life gives them a sense of responsibility and a sense of usefulness, even a hundred years old.

- Eat a vegetarian diet. The older generation of islanders most of life eat foods of plant origin. A diet consisting of fried vegetables, sweet potatoes and tofu, rich in nutrients and at the same time low in calories. Goya, which has antioxidant properties and lowers the level of sugar in the blood, is of particular interest. Though centenarians of Okinawa eat pork, traditionally it is prepared only on holidays and eat small portions.

- Work in the garden. Almost all of the island of centenarians has been or there is a garden. It is an opportunity for daily physical activity, giving a load via a variety of types of movements. In addition, work in the garden helps to relieve stress and enrich the table with fresh vegetables.

- Keep the moai. moai Tradition provides strong social ties, sources of financial and emotional support during difficult times. Knowing that there are people who are always ready to come to your aid, it acts very soothing.

- There are in the sun. Vitamin D, produced by the body with regular exposure to the sun, strengthens bones and overall health. Through everyday sun exposure elderly Okinawans year round get optimum doses of vitamin D.

- Save the activity. Centenarians of Okinawa to move a lot and work in the garden. In the houses of the islanders little furniture, residents take food and rest, sitting on mats on the floor. The fact that older people have to get up off the floor and sit on it a few dozen times a day, strengthens the muscles of the lower body and improves balance, which in turn protects against dangerous falls.

- Grow a pharmacy in the garden. In the garden of Okinawa residents can always find mugwort, ginger and turmeric. These herbs have proven their healing properties. In using them for food every day, the islanders protect themselves from many diseases.

- Create the right attitude towards life. Life philosophy, worked out over the years, has helped the residents of the island to form a rational detachment. They are able to leave the past in the past and enjoy the simple pleasures of every day. They have learned to be agreeable, and surround themselves with young people to old age.

Dan Buettner "rules of longevity"


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