Why without meat there drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness?

Why do many people, even for 3 days without meat there drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness? One of the reasons

Our body has a defense mechanism, as an adaptation to the poisons that we take every day without thinking about the consequences.

If the poison enters microdozes permanently in the body, the body gets used to it, but at the termination of the poison admission, withdrawal begins - breaking.

Therefore it is not a healthy craving for harmful food, one of the causes of failures, not only on a raw food diet, but even on a simple 3 day vegetarianism,
which excludes from itself only eat dead animals.

In this situation dramatically go on a healthy diet, it will be extremely difficult.

All these fatigue and malaise, drowsiness and dizziness during the initial stage of transition - a consequence of a dirty liver and the whole organism, which zashlakovyvalsya decades poisonous toxins and a variety of chemicals.

Plus infestation, which exacerbates the situation :(

Therefore, the result of the restructuring of the body and all its systems upgrade will require time and effort.

Healthy eating and inflexible health, or food addiction c weakened immune system and a bunch of diseases ...

Everyone chooses for himself.


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