Some home trainer is the most effective


Simulators are of two types: for commercial use and individual. First installed in gyms and fitness clubs, the second is designed for home use. Among the latter there are models capable of ensuring the load on all muscle groups.

Before choosing a treadmill, you need to find out for yourself what your goals are subordinated to classes. Not so much: to lose weight, build muscle and increase strength, to improve the body. The second question that you need to decide what area can be allocated to a trainer. Important and the amount you are willing to spend the next owner.

For those who want to find harmony and to heal the body, the best choice is cardio. They help to train the main muscle of the human heart. In addition, to give even load on all systems of the body that regular exercise leads to improved health, stamina and appearance of harmony.

Among budget models the most popular cardiovascular – "Cardio Twister". It will help to get rid of excess weight, it build muscle mass, support the heart and the body is in excellent condition.

Popular among home exercise equipment treadmills and exercise bikes mainly give stress on the lower part of the body. With their help you can solve only two objectives: to maintain the body in excellent condition and to get rid of fat. Therefore, the best ones are difficult to carry.

Those for whom it is important not only health but also well-modeled body, stamina and muscle power, it makes sense to see the capabilities of the simulator "Power station". He is the best in its series, as it is the only full-length set of shells. It has a stand, pull, levers. All this allows to work out every muscle group.

To install this simulator will need 4-5 m2, but it is worth it to sacrifice living space. It has a set of handles of different sizes, moving the unit load. Using these shells, you can perform exercises from any position. Regular training on power stations provide not only the disappearance of fat and body modeling, but also an improvement of the heart and the whole organism.

For women who want to have a fitness center in a single simulator, it is recommended to purchase an elliptical (cross-trainer). With their help, well worked out thighs and buttocks (problem areas for most women), trains the cardiovascular system, is given power load.

Thus, for some purposes, the best trainer would be the "Cardio Twister" for other – "Power station", but universal among them – cross-trainer. It combines the functions of most sporting equipment. Among the cross-trainers best-home trainer consider models Е800 and Е704 series Carbon Fitness. They are fitted with electromagnetic system of loading, compact and very comfortable.published



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