3 recipe unique concoction to cleanse the blood vessels

The recipe first.

In order to prepare this home remedy to cleanse the blood vessels need to pass through a meat grinder four fresh lemons (together with peel) and four to six peeled cloves of white garlic. Now put the resulting mush into a small pan and fill it with two liters of water. Cook the mixture for about thirty minutes on low heat, then pour into a jar, close the lid and leave for two or three days in a cool place. Ready means take twice a day for two large (canteens) tablespoons for thirty to fifty minutes before a meal. The remainder of the broth should be stored in the cellar or in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. The approximate duration of one treatment course is two to four months.

The second recipe.

Mix in any dry clean glass containers one hundred grams of the medicinal herbs chamomile, yarrow, immortelle and birch buds. Now pour boiling water (two glasses) one to two tablespoons, then cover the container with the mixture with a lid and put in a water bath for fifteen minutes. After a specified time to remove the broth from heat, let it cool slightly and then strain the liquid through three to five layers of cheesecloth. In ready means add a spoonful of honey and divide the volume into three or four equal portions which should be consumed throughout the day, drinking every forty minutes before eating.

The third recipe.For making this drink is to cleanse the vessel You should fill five full glasses of purified hot water about a Cup of whole blossoms of the red clover, then put the container with the mixture on slow fire and boil for fifteen minutes. Now add one Cup of boiling water (to compensate for wikipedua liquid), cover and leave in a warm place for two to three hours. At the expiration of this time, strain the liquid through a sieve and add three large (canteens) tablespoons granulated sugar. Ready means take a glass three times a day for two to three weeks. To enhance the effect and taste drink, you can add a little fresh lemon peel. published

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