Tibetan porridge Tampa and other healthy recipes from cereals


I want to share delicious recipes from cereals without long cooking time, which will save much energy, time, and also improve the quality of the finished product. Tibetan porridge Camp, very good in campaigns, because it is a very high-energy and easily digestible product.

It is used by Tibetan monks for a long time in meditation, camp increases the movement of fluids in the body and protects against the formation of pressure sores in the body due to a sedentary lifestyle.

There are a few General recommendations for the preparation of porridge from different cereals. You need to pre-rinse the barley and soak it in water for 2-3 hours. Then, the water is drained and the porridge is cooked in new water, but not milk. As soon as the water boils, the pot can be removed from the fire, optionally wrapping it with a towel for evaporation of the liquid. The gruel is ready. Second, instead of water you can use vegetable broth, or decoctions of herbs, like nettle, just to soak rump is longer, about 12 hours.

In order to cook the buckwheat and oats, sufficient to wash them with cold water, and then pour boiling water and infuse. You can pour cold water, let stand for some time, and when the grits swell, bring to boil. To prepare the rice, rinse it in water, put in a saucepan and cover with cold water so that it covers it on three fingers. Bring the rice to a boil and just turn off. After about 15 minutes the water is completely absorbed into the rice, and it will be ready. The rice should be soft, but if the inside of the grain is a bit stiff, so you poured a little water. In this case, it is possible to pour hot water and the second time to bring it to a boil. In conventional cooking feed shelled corn there is a small trick. It should be washed with water, and then cook for hours. Then turn off the heat and allow the corn to cool completely. After that, bring it to boil again and cook for a further 1 hour. The corn is ready, if it starts to burst and become very soft. If you cook it normally (without cooling and re-cooking within the hour), a whole day, it will remain solid. You can crank out the finished corn through a meat grinder and mix with steamed rice for a delicious flatbread. For those who care about their health, say a few words about the millet. If it is peeling when removed from the skin of millet, is severe air oxidation, resulting in the formation of hydrocyanic acid. Only milled into flour millet safe, and even beneficial, as it stabilizes the subtle psychological processes. For people with excess Vata (wind) is very suitable for steaming porridge of whole wheat (but you can use another grain). Thoroughly rinse 1 Cup of grains, pour it into a thermos and pour 3-4 cups boiling water. Insist 3-4 hours. Then, drain and add to beans spices, salt, oil or honey to taste. Instead of a thermos you can use a glass jar, but it must be carefully wrap. Barley, wheat and rye before preparing it can be a little priority before the appearance of a pleasant bread smell. First is to get the damp smell, but as soon as the smell, then the fire can be turned off. In the same way, you can pre-priority and other cereals (except rice). Roasted grain can be milled in a coffee grinder into flour and pour boiling water to a liquid state. In this composition you can add oil (preferably ghee, sesame, olive, or corn), spices, salt or sugar to taste. By the way, traditionally, it was roasted barley flour is prepared legendarnaya. It added Tibetan tea (in fact, salted pressed puerh, brewed with milk of Yak or water) and Yak butter. You can use another flour: corn, buckwheat, rye, or a mixture thereof, and add honey, sugar or jam; instead of butter Yak you can use conventional but high-quality butter, and Puer to replace black or herbal tea. The amount of liquid and spices determined by your taste, the only thing that is worth noting — before eating cane give a little to steep at least 5 minutes. This food is very suitable for people concerned about the low weight. You can sprout grains and prepare the salad by adding herbs, oils, spices and vegetables, for example carrots, beets, parsnips, parsley, celery, dandelion, etc. If you find it difficult to chew grain, pass them through a meat grinder. Get selebrasi salad, revitalizing the body and soul, as if by a magic wand. If it shredded the sprouts add lots of water, get medical jelly. But in any case do not boil the sprouts, because it destroyed all the healing nutrients. If of separately roasted grains you will prepare the stock (broth), being on a liquid diet, you can be sure that 95% of the starch will remain in the grain, and the water will move the good energy of fire, contributing to an additional warmth and relaxation of the body. Boil in this case, the broth is enough for 20 minutes, adding water, a handful of grains and then filtered through cheesecloth. Further grains can be reused, but it is better to throw away, because most of the nutrients they lost in the water. This kind of power is very useful for people who feel very cold in the winter who have excessively activated dosha Vata (wind) and the need to awaken Kapha (mucus).published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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