How, who and when can apply sesame oil

Sesame oil since ancient times and used for food and various Wellness treatments and massages. Especially widely it is used in Ayurveda — ancient science of life and healing, which is very closely related to yoga.

Talk about how, whom and when you can (and should) use sesame oil. According to Ayurveda, our body consists of three doshas (doshas are the fundamental life force):

Vata — air

Pitta — fire

Kapha — earth

When these three doshas are in balance, we are healthy and happy. If they are out of balance, we get sick, and often suffers not only the body but mental health. The goal of proper nutrition and self-care — balance of three doshas.

Each person has all three doshas, but usually one or two of them predominate. For example, one can be high Vata, the other Vata and Pitta, and Kapha third. We can affect the balance of the doshas with diet regime, exercise, sleep and rest.

Why do I say this? To the fact that, according to Ayurveda, can not indiscriminately apply the "useful" stuff, because people of the same type product can be, and the other Vice versa.

For example, the Internet said: "Sesame oil is good! Use 1 tablespoon of Logoi in the day, there daily allowance of calcium", etc. Is a massive modern approach. According to Ayurveda, it is necessary to consider features of the body, and then this statement would be: "People such as Wool useful to use up to 1 teaspoon of sesame oil a day, but it is not recommended for permanent use for people with predominance of Pitta and Kapha".

For the Vata type (air, bony, tall people, moving, hectic and fast) is recommended for a wide application of sesame oil. You can make massages, to cajole the head and face, eat inside. This is because people of this type have in excess air and not enough water, a little sesame it increases.

For the Pitta type (fire, dense energetic people with a good appetite and a penchant for angry manifestations) is contraindicated regular consumption of sesame oil. However, this does not preclude regular use of sesame is low as cosmetic products for the face and therapeutic for the joints.

For a type of Kapha (water and mucus, homemade and thoughtful people, usually overweight and kind) is contraindicated oil at all. It is desirable to slowly add to the salad and gently used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.published

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