Replace the cabbage with dandelions

Weeds grow everywhere, pleasant to the taste (even better purchased greens) and absolutely free. So you should try to include them in your diet.Already allocated more than a hundred edible species of weeds, but unfortunately, now people recognize the quality of the food only products that come to them through commercial channels.

The researchers volunteers first and foremost goal is to study the abundance and availability of food in the form of wild raw materials and check the soil and plants on the nutritional value and the content of toxic substances. Second, they disseminate information about the availability of edible weeds in the interests of the poor.

Problems of food and health has long been a subject of constant debate. Back in 2012, experts predicted that half of the adult population will be obese by 2030, if not change their habits. Numerous studies were conducted monopolization of the agricultural sector large corporations, and mass production – harmful products. So now is the time to pay attention to healthy properties of weeds growing on our doorstep.

Most of the problems with food lies not in the number of calories, and lack fiber and important nutrients – they are rich in these plants.

Many do not perceive weeds as a potential power source because of entrenched prejudices. Therefore, in order to change people's attitudes to these plants, the researchers enlisted the support of the so-called "clergy in the field of nutrition" — high end restaurants, asking them to participate in a "week of wild food." The event was very successful.

Buying food at the store, we rarely think about where the imported product as it was produced and delivered as in our supermarkets. If you are concerned about carbon footprint or global warming, you can refuse to buy vegetables grown with chemical fertilizers thousands of miles away from you.

In the course of research it was discovered so many edible species of weeds that it can change a person's attitude to the environment and to life in this world. Instead of a world of poverty and strife, you feel that you are treading in the garden of Eden.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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