Why do You continue to store eggs in the fridge?

If You are a resident of the former Soviet States, you probably store eggs in the refrigerator. But what if we say that most other countries do not? In most European countries eggs are stored or directly on the counter at room temperature, or on the table in the kitchen.

Why? European doctors say that with extreme temperature changes (i.e. when you pull it out of the fridge) the shell of an egg is destroyed, that contributes to the dangerous accumulation it of harmful bacteria. And since the shell is actually a semi-permeable (it only appears solid and monolithic), these bacteria can get inside.

The ideal temperature for storing eggs is between 19 and 21 degrees Celsius in winter and 21 to 23 degrees in summer.

Why do we continue to put them in the refrigerator? Blame — popular culture. She showed us that so right. And all because industrial food production can be hundreds of kilometers from the shops that sell its products.

To store eggs at room temperature is 7-10 days, and in a refrigerator for 30-45 days.

Ie one day of storage of eggs at room temperature equals one week in the refrigerator.

You know, right? The eggs you buy in the stores, can be over three weeks!

But if you want to get from the egg favor and protect yourself from harmful bacteria, keep them at home just on the table. And buy only the most fresh products!

How to make sure that you make the right choice, if you have no opportunity to buy eggs in the market? Choose the provider that is geographically located closest to your store.

And another thing. Never wash your eggs!

So you only increase the risk of contamination with bacteria such as Salmonella. That is why the EU stores and manufacturers are STRICTLY forbidden to wash them.

The fact that the egg shell surface has a special protective layer which protects the fetus from harmful bacteria. If you wash eggs, then simply wash off.

And the last one. Refrain from eating raw eggs, if you certainly do not know their origin nor the date when it was demolished the chicken.published

Author: Konstantin Shiyan

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: lifter.com.ua/Pochemu-vi-prodolgaete-hranit-yaytsa-v-holodilnike


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