The list of supplies that are stored in the refrigerator is strictly forbidden!

Refrigerator - quite an amazing invention that helps to keep our food. However, not all of the products out there place. Not every one of them carries the impact of low temperatures. Here is a list of some supplies that you need to keep away from the fridge!

What can not be stored in the refrigerator:

Bread is one of those provisions, which are not stored in the refrigerator ever. Staying in it will not prolong the bread of life, and it will only help to dry out and absorb all the smells. The best storage option bread - room temperature, and even then it should not be stored for more than four days. If the roll is large enough, and you will not have time to eat it during this time, it is better to cut off a piece of it right, but the rest of the freeze.

Garlic absolutely can not stand the cold. Absolutely no need to store it in the refrigerator. He calmly hold dry a couple - three months. Mandatory condition - ventilation that will keep garlic fresh much longer.

Hot sauce
It is believed that all sauces and seasonings should be stored solely in the refrigerator. However, such components as vinegar, sugar and salt - excellent preservative. Hot sauce also did not need to be refrigerated. In the pantry he will stand for three years hence, lower temperatures it is required. Moreover, the taste of it, they will not improve.

In the refrigerator it is not exactly the place. The main reason - low temperature of potato starch converts to sugar. Even the temperature of 7 degrees will damage the potatoes. And preparations not hide changes its taste and texture. The best place to store potatoes - in a paper bag in the closet.

Refrigerator turns into something inedible tomatoes. Ports are the stronger, longer stored in the cold. Keep them there, of course, possible, but the taste is not so anymore. Tomatoes love heat, so it's best just to keep them on the table at room temperature. However, the tomatoes should be protected from direct sunlight.

Onions are best kept in the grids to facilitate air circulation. This will keep it for a long time. In the refrigerator, in the conditions of insufficient air circulation and moisture onions rot very quickly. You should also know that it is best kept in the dark because exposure to light changes its taste. At the same time near the potato storage is not recommended. Outgoing away gases and humidity make your bow to rot faster at times.

Many people believe that the refrigerator - the best place for coffee. In fact, there is absolutely no place for him. Store in the refrigerator adversely affect the quality and taste of coffee. Besides coffee itself having sufficiently powerful odor, it can change the taste and odor of other products.


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