The great and mighty Russian language, but even our intellectuals may be unable to write correctly in Russian and a couple proposals. To this does not happen again, that's 38 of the rules of the Russian language, which you can hardly anywhere else teach

Remember that in most cases a bunch of "how" can be eliminated.
The passive voice should be avoid.

Refinements in brackets (though significant) are (usually) unnecessary.
Poor knowing grammar, complex designs should be used with caution.
With regard to the pending proposals ...
Those who finish the sentence pretext to send. Not for the sake of rudeness, but the order to.
The proposal of a single word? Poor.
And do not start a sentence with the union.
Never give out words in capital letters.
Proviryay dictionary napesanie words.
Metaphor - is a nail in the shoe, and it is better to weed.
Exaggeration is a million times worse than understatement.
Unnecessary analogy in the text - like coat, tucked into pants.
Do not use long words where you can apply neprodolzhitelnozvuchaschie.
Who needs rhetorical questions?
Just a quick note about the reps that are sometimes found in the articles that appear in the media, which are already crowded with quotations that are sometimes obscure idea that the author wanted to say, and that we wanted to make that comment.
Syusyukane - Fu. Leave him Lialechka.
Take care of euphony phrases, you train more experience.
Without interest would be charged a penalty to bezolabernyh for incorrect spelling of vowels after the consoles.
Do not try not to avoid double negatives.
Do not put the two "no" in a row, if that is not necessary.
The word "no" does not have a form of change.
Colleagues treatment must somehow allocate.
Which are subordinate clauses, it is necessary to make correct.
We note that the change person on whose behalf the statement of the author of these lines is not recommended.
Check proposal pronoun - a bad style, it is not for this.
If incomplete design - bad.
The rule states that "indirect speech in quotation marks are not takenĀ».
Numbers up to and including 0-minute write better words.
Vail numerals can be one hundred and twenty five ways, but only one of them is correct.
Restraint presentation - absolutely always the best way to feed exciting ideas.
Be more or less specific.
Word order does not change the style of speech?
This is for you, the author, (you can not interrupt the story in an unexpected place) clear about what goes on it, but pity people do not make reread.
Using participial turnover always distinguished him by commas.
Put the right dashes, long dashes, with spaces and hyphens little - a little shorter, no spaces.
The answer is negative to the question of whether to put a question mark in a sentence with an interrogative indirect speech?
Re repeat all recurring cognates - this is a tautology - superfluous luxury.


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