9 Reasons Why Men appreciate women who are forty

Recently, more and more men who appreciate women who are over forty. There are many reasons.

In 40 years, life has just begun ...
~ Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

Here are 9 of objective reasons from Andy Rooney why men value women who are over forty:

40-year-old woman will never wake you in the night to ask, "What are you thinking?ยป.
If the 40-year-old woman too lazy to look you sport on TV, it will not sit and whine about it. She will go and do what he wants - usually something much more interesting.

40-year-old woman knows herself well enough to be confident in who she is, what she wants and from whom. Very few women of this age are interested in your opinion about it or what it does. 40 + year old women have a sense of self-esteem.
They hardly fit your Sunset at the opera or in a decent restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they'll shoot safely, if they deem that they get away with it.
Adult women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know how to feel ingratitude.
40-year-old woman enough self-confidence to introduce you to their friends. Younger women may avoid even the best friends because they do not trust your partner. Older women on the drum, if you sochtesh her friends attractive. She knows that her friend had never been betrayed.
In 40-year-old female intuition oracle. You do not have anything to confess them - they already know everything about you.
Bright red lipstick looks good on a 40-year-old woman, which is not true of those who are younger. If you learn to ignore a few wrinkles here and there, found that women over forty much nicer than the young.
40+ women are frank and honest. They will tell you on the forehead, if you are a beast, or behave like a beast. You never have to guess how it relates to you. So yes, there are many reasons to admire women who are over forty.
Unfortunately, we can not say the same thing about men. For every stunning, smart, well-groomed woman of forty falls in fossil-bellied bald yellowish trousers, presented himself a complete idiot with a waitress twenty years.

Ladies, I apologize. For all men who love to say "why buy the whole cow when you can get the milk for nothing," I have news. Today, 80 percent of women are not interested in marriage. Why is that? Because they understand that it makes no sense to buy a whole pig for the sausages.


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