Do not Believe Shelf life: What is actually stored products ?!

Can I drink milk, the shelf life of which, according to the date on the packaging has passed? Will the fresh chocolate after 1, 5 years in the freezer?

The journalists Business Insider, together with the project StillTasty prepared a small book explaining how in fact some of the popular foods can stay fresh in the freezer, refrigerator or at room temperature. When you create a study recommendations were used by the US Department of Agriculture, Office of Food Inspection and data from a number of manufacturers.

< Chocolate bar in a sealed package

In the freezer for up to 18 months, with the store chocolate in low temperature conditions better use of special containers for freezing (as an option - a plastic box with air holes)

. In the fridge:. Up to one year

At room temperature: 6 to 9 months


At room temperature, to extend the "life" of chocolate bars will storage in a dark, dry place, where not exposed to sun rays.

< Red wine

In the freezer: the bottle is kept open from 4 to 6 months. In the refrigerator: open a bottle is kept from 3 to 5 days. At room temperature: unopened bottle can be stored up to 3 years. Some wines are able to "live out" up to 100 years.

White Wine

In the freezer: an open bottle - from 4 to 6 months

In the refrigerator: open bottle - from 3 to 5 days

At room temperature: a closed bottle is kept up to 3 years. Like red wine, some types of white and can be stored for much longer - in some cases up to 100 years


Pasteurized milk, the fat content of 1-2%

In the freezer: in closed containers stored up to 3 months at temperatures below -17 degrees

. Store in freezer milk should be in a special freezing container with holes in the lid. At the same time pour the milk into a container so you need to cover to remain a minimum distance of 1, 5 cm.

In the refrigerator: in closed containers - one week after the expiry date specified by the manufacturer. Milk, according to StillTasty project, is one of those products that are at the correct temperature conditions are a time to keep the freshness and the expiration date.

At room temperature: open the packaging - not more than 4 hours


The main signs that indicate that the milk is spoiled: sour smell, yellowish shade, thick consistency


. In the freezer: in unopened package stored from 1 to 2 months at a temperature not lower than -17 degrees

. In the refrigerator: in closed packaging - from 7 to 10 days after the expiry date specified by the manufacturer. After opening the packaging of yogurt will live up to 5 days.

Determine that spoiled yogurt, it can be on two main grounds: sour odor and non-uniform consistency from watery «surface»


. In the freezer:. Up to 1 year

In the refrigerator: 3 to 5 weeks

. At room temperature: up to 2 weeks

. Store eggs is not recommended in plastic boxes in the door (as in the photo), and in the central part of the refrigerator, which holds more suitable for this product temperature.

In the refrigerator, not in shell egg (yolk and white) stays fresh up to 4 days. The main symptoms that indicate that the egg is spoiled: watery and muddy white, patchy yolk and odor

. Raw beef or pork

In the freezer: from 6 to 12 months at a temperature not lower than -17 degrees

. In the refrigerator: 3 to 5 days


Not recommended repeatedly thawed and frozen meat, because of this it loses its beneficial properties and taste.

< Raw poultry

In the freezer:. Up to 9 months

Keep poultry in the freezer is recommended in a plastic container with holes in the lid.

In the fridge:. 1-2 days

Crude salmon

In the freezer: 2-3 months

. If the fish will be in the freezer for more than two months, you should open a shopping package and shift the product in a container for freezing.

In the fridge:. 1-2 days

Tomato ketchup

In the refrigerator: open the package - up to 6 months

. At room temperature: a closed package can be stored up to 12 months. Open - no more than 30 days



In the fridge:. 3-4 days

To extend the "life" of the greenery, it is stored in a plastic container with holes for air. But frozen salad should not - under the influence of too low a temperature, it will lose its flavor. Also, do not wash the salad before placing in the refrigerator.

< Honey

At room temperature: shelf life is not limited

. It is believed that honey, which supposedly can be stored without any external changes over the years, over the years lose their useful properties. However, this is not so.

The shelf life of this product is not limited. The main thing - to follow a few simple conditions: Store in a dry, dark and cool place with lid tightly closed. It should be borne in mind that with the passage of time honey can change color and texture. But afraid of these changes is not necessary in the appearance of the produce - no danger, they do not carry a


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