7 simple tricks that will look perfect on any photo

That seems to be a good camera and excellent light, and the outfit - better than you can imagine ... But of the hundreds of pictures taken do not like either one. Many tend to think that to love your own photos can not be due to flaws appearance. However, in reality it is due to silly mistakes that we admit in the process of posing.

< Find "their side»

TV presenter Samantha Simmonds, on its own admission, feels confident in front of cameras in the studio for the recording of the program, but when it comes to camera, the woman prefers to hide his face.

"Almost all the people asymmetrical face. Therefore it is necessary to determine for themselves the so-called better ", - says the London photographer John Godwin, who also participated in the experiment

. During the test inspection and test photoshoot expert concluded that "better" Samantha - right, as her right eye is slightly larger than the left

. "If, for example, the right eye a little more - this feature is found in many people - it is necessary to expose this side of the camera", - the expert believes


Adjust the "squint»

"Normally, taking pictures, I try to look friendly, raising his eyebrows. However, John is sure that it gives my eyes a little surprised and even frightened, "- says Samantha

. According to the photographer, looking through the lens, do not forget about the so-called special "squint" - focus, which are constantly used by many stars such as Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore. I refer to this trick in his time and the legendary Marilyn Monroe.

A slight narrowing of the eyes, according to the authors of the experiment, allows you to create the impression of close, convincing and careful look.

< Do not overdo it with a smile

"Smile" - the word is pronounced most photographers before you take a picture

. However, this technique is not for everyone.

"Smiling for the camera, we try to look happy. However, too much of a smile can be unnatural and eventually turn into a mindless grin, that just ruin the face ", - said John Godwin

. According to the authors of the experiment, "happy smile" does not necessarily imply a demonstration of all the teeth.

More restrained smile, confident photographer, make a comely face and "Expose" wrinkles.

Follow cheeks

"My face is not too full, but still on most shots look chubby cheeks" - complains Samantha

. To visually reduce the amount of the face, according to experts, it is enough to make two simple things.

"We need to turn to the camera his" better "at an angle of about 30 degrees and at the same time press the tip of the tongue to the palate. So you will be able to visually narrow the person "- advises John Godwin


Run a "duck»

If that is not exactly will serve in good stead during the shooting, it's lips "duck", the photographer is sure. This technique, which often use young girls during the Self, not only decorates, but, according to experts, disfigures the face.

"It can be slightly pursed his lips, as if you're going to kiss someone, but to inflate them just not worth it", - says the photographer


Right to look at the camera

"If a person is a little below the camera, it turns out that you are looking slightly upward, as if craning his neck. This position will make a better shot. And vice versa - if you are hovering over the camera, his face will turn more aggressive and less attractive, "- advises photographer


Lift the chin

This technique will be useful for photos in profile. "I have always tried to avoid this kind of pictures. It seems to me that these photos ugly sagging chin, and I look over, "- confessed to Samantha. According to John Godwin, turned to face more expressive and appealing, it is worth a little lift chin. "This trick will allow visually lengthen the neck and cheeks already do", - says the photographer

. If you always use these techniques, you can learn to love your photos, believe the authors of the experiment.

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