All we need is love!

All we need is love! John Lennon was right. He felt it some sixth or seventh sense, was clearly connected to some important information channel. In my youth everyone is wondering about the meaning of life.

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I was looking for the answer to this question – and found. The meaning of love. Love is the beginning and the cause of causes – the way it should be, and so is still, as if we resisted. Love grows in us, sometimes causing pain because we do not want to follow in her thread, and put constantly in dam dam – the selfishness, the accepted views, then someone's opinion... And we get to the head – if not mental anguish, physical illness or serious trouble.

Once I realized this, everything in my life is, how beautiful and correct the puzzle. I met my future wife – and immediately realized that this is more than. I never hesitated in choosing – and for 15 years we are happy every day, every hour, every minute. This happiness fills us, nourishes, directs.

Then I realized what my destiny, my calling to heal people. Treat his knowledge, his flow, his energy. And by and large – love. Everything I do with love, is easy and correctly.

Can not boast that never deviated from this light route. And I was the "Eclipse of the heart". Somehow after taking a heavy patient I was released from the hospital in a kind of irritable. Usually it is not peculiar to me, but tonight for some reason I have not recovered, has not changed this state was not included in your normal flow. And got behind the wheel. The lesson was followed immediately – leaving the Parking lot, I hit standing behind the car. Got a lot of money. Trouble. I immediately realized where her roots and what conclusions should be drawn.

Another case is even more eloquent. I love my wife, we communicate in harmony, but once for some issue we have not found a common language and left each other dissatisfied. I felt some resentment, some kind of a claim to it. And again in this state got behind the wheel. Didn't get more than 200 meters, got into a serious accident. Miraculously not injured, but the car broke hard, the repair stood up again not cheap. Concluded and since then he always followed – there is no point in confrontation, selfish opposition to the loved one. "You want to be right or happy?" goes online now, this ingenious psychotherapeutic issue. I answer it definitely – happy – that is right! Because the truth is love. And love is the indispensable companion of happiness.

Love of partner, love of children, to parents, to the business, to all who are near and wider, to all living and to all the world. And that is important to yourself in this world. Yes, we are in the universe – the smallest part, even a grain of sand to compare how small we are on a universal scale. But without each of us the world would be different. Each of us has its place and its value. And its Purpose is to love, embody the love, multiply the love, to bring love.

As soon as we forget about it, fall in the hustle and bustle of disputes, quarrels, half-words... we become unhappy. Get stress! And if we live – we accumulate stress every day, every hour, every situation, which we have not responded correctly. The first stress spoils our mood, then we start to think badly, then we have a headache, and then there are generally serious health problems – and even in the grave and keep. And all why – dislike yourself and everything around you!

Today your boss expressed to you dissatisfaction. And you are already starting to deal out. I wasn't an expert, I'm an awful person... it Happens? But what happened then actually? Maybe the boss is wrong. Maybe he's wrong in General to assess the situation. And even if not, even if you really made a blunder – well, make a conclusion – and-forth with new strength and knowledge! You did not become worse, perhaps even better than steel, because the negative experience is very valuable! Don't ever doubt your value! Work on themselves, on their professional and personal qualities – this need has not been canceled. That's creativity! Do it with love! But don't deny and don't despise yourselves, your personality, your soul!

Live love, act and think. Just try to tune into these vibrations, you will not want anything else! Then every day you'll find new amazing discoveries, unlimited spiritual growth. And the energy of love — energy of creativity will always keep you afloat. No trouble, no illness will not be terrible, if you live with love! published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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